Monday, January 30, 2006

ices for mices!


it's been 3 days since the holidays starts and i'm baking hot at home. even i'm outside in shopping complexes, i feel the heat. alhamdulillah!

yeah, went to lotsa malls and i wanna tell stories about borders. yes!! went to borders last saturday. it was awesome. best gilak. i can spend the whole day there. i wanna go again before the holiday ends, insya-Allah, and begged my mom to buy me a book i really want - master the art of digital photography. the contents was just so good that i need to have it! owh i'll talk about borders later but i've got news flash!
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yep! met wtl with tatot last nite. it was simply amazing. we went swensening. hahahaha... we turned up late, tatot had something(it's ok gurl...!and ingat, give ur dad some biskut tiger for energy ta! hikhikhik!) and we arrived 1/2 hour late. sorry la sis wtl. but she was sweet and the sticky chewy chocolate she ordered. hehehehe...

we talked, about err...girly stuff...which i guess, men are better off on our date this time round. we had fun talking and eating and teasing the budak-suara-serak-waiter. hahahaha!!

to wtl ~ sorry i didn't do much of a talking. shy girl la plak tetiba. wakakakakaka!! so unbelievable! and it was great seeing you at last. (and also azhar sulaiman! hikhikhikhik....) nanti kita meet-up again, for movies ke? eh tatot! aku takderlah susah sangat nak ajak keluar. tarik telinga kang!

till later, i'm off, to pack my things. i'm heading for jb tomorrow. i've plans to snap pictures, kalau tak panas macam kat KL nih.

take care people. and please, drink alot of water!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

farewell dinner..


i just got back. it's already 11:49pm. i'm tired, but not sleepy so i decided to post some pictures anyway. lepas ni nak kena terus tido coz i'm gonna have an early morning. nak raya cina nih, need to settle a few stuff.

tadi, 8 of us pi nelayan titiwangsa to have dinner. a farewell actually. a nice guy. he's soft spoken, single, and calls me baby. kept asking me,

"baby, bila kau nak kawin dengan aku.."
"baby, ko tak sayang aku lagi ke?"

hahaha. he's a nice person though. a hubby material. very responsible. very neat. he's actually our MD's secretary but our MD has resigned and at first, he has got no where to go. he did mention that most bosses wants lady secretaries. after a few weeks, he got a new boss, a GM for our shah alam branch and will be transferred, effective february.

and we'll be losing him. and i'll miss him, greeting me every morning when i pass by his office. hmm...apa pun, i'm glad as he's got a the chance to explore another new environment which i good! i wish him the best of luck. owh did i mentioned that i'll miss him?

here's some pictures i took and will be posting more in fotopages tomorrow. IF i have the time.
mr mizy >>
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look at those juicy prawns! too bad i can't have prawns! >>
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group picture. cheese!
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i wonder when i'm gonna make my move. nite darlings..

mari jual ikan!

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it's approximately 2am. i just got back from watching geisha an hour ago. i've learnt alot of things during this outing with my friends. the movie, as well as some embarrasing discoveries about myself, friends and things that are surrounding me. i must admit, i like sayuri in the movie. i love the cinematography(this is my main reason, why i live movies), i love the words that are being spoken by sayuri and the chairman. i have to admit, the book offers alot more than that. but the movie was not a disappointment at all, although some scenes created questions in my mind.

i notice that i, sometimes, can't get over this. my parents always say that i am one, since i was small. perhaps, being the eldest, has made me wanting stuff all by myself. and being the only girl, i tend to be childish. this has reflected in my adult life. examples, of should i, or should i not be selfish;

- some friend called me on my hp while i was in the cinema. 30+ missed calls altogether and i didn't return any. few days back, i decided to turn off our friendship for a little while as he said it's like a compulsory that we'll fight everytime we talk more than say...15 mins! i want us to rest. me being selfish? no. i just wanna make his frustration towards me, lesser.

- i felt like given some sort of privilege of listening and knowing stuff about one's stories ans stuff. not quite. there are more than just me. it's just upsetting. it is stupid. if i'm that person, i would probably ask,"who are you? for you to feel that way?". owh. that's gonna be quote a slap on the face. me being selfish? maybe i'm just an attention seeker. embarrasing.

- pictures. we all know, i'm a sucker for pictures and cameras. i bought an expensive toy(to me, it is, by looking at the nett wages i'm getting every month) and shoot endlessly. i know, many have done and shot better. but my pictures, plagiarised?? can't that person actually give credits for the pictures taken or call me for permission to copy & paste the pictures in your page? no doubt, i've known you for years but that does not mean that you can take other's properties without acknowledging them. even if it's an ugly photo. i can accept, 2-3 photos but...owh i being selfish? no. i think this is my rights.

i'm just so upset. goodness. when will this end. with endless bundle of work. with a very undecided boss, who actually discuss matters with his staff but in the end, giving everything back to our shoulders.

owh my stomache's making noises. off to lunch.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

me, all ripped...the MLM!

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nope. not multi-level marketing.
it's miss lebai malang.

balik dari keje, so many bad things happen. cekya rasa cam nasib betul tak baik hari ni.
i was on the way to maxis klcc to pay my hp bills. and i stopped by at on of the shops where i bought my prepaid. yes, i have 2 numbers. please don't ask me why. and the girl kat situ asked for my hp. tak ingat but i gave to her anyway. my fault. and her fault. she should check with me. but she didn't. the top-up card dah habis so she was updating something on her hp so i can get that rm10 top-up. bila dah settle, i checked and the rm10 was not in my current balance. i went to the shop again and asked her to check. she DID CHECK my hp for my number, where she did not at the first place. then, dgn relaxnya, cakap,"oh..akak bagi salah number, so dah burn la rm10 tu.."

i was like "HAH???". why didn't she check at first?

and she said "saya dah tunjuk dah number akak untuk confirm. so takleh nak buat apalah!"..wey bangang! mana ada orang call number sendiri. she has to make sure the number is correct. why didn't she check it earlier if i wasn't sure?

burn? babi la. she should do all the checking. i blame her for it. didn't know that she can do that. damn. and she didn't look at me while explaining. bitch. enough said. oh yes! i was pissed! and her rudenss, talking without lookking at me, makes it worst. if she said it nicely, and sincerely look at my face, i would have accepted her explanation. my fault, i know. but she should know how things are at the first place.

with anger all over my body, i walked to maxis as i was running for dinner with colleagues kat ampang park. i arrived at the 1st floor and the maxis centre was closed for renovation. i was sent a circular where they say it is open for payment during the renovation. babi lagik! dah la kena tipu bangang dengan pompuan bodoh tu, now maxis tricked me. takpe. sabar!

with no prepaid, bills not paid, i went off to the lrt station and went straight to ampang park. my feet sakit semula. bangang betol.urgghhhh!!!!!

then arrived at ampang park station, i bought a prepaid card, top up my credit and went to the place where we're suppose to have dinner. alhamdulillah it went well.

ahh.. rupanya tak berakhir lagi. balik tu, cekya singgah toilet lrt tu. dah tak tahan. after i've settled my business, nak bukak paip air tu...jadik lagi benda bangang....satu hal betul! tiba-tiba air terpancut. paip dia rosak ke apa, tatau la!! there you go.

me = WET.

adui la. betul la cekya MLM hari ni...Miss Lebai Malang.


p/s : the end of bad things happenings - i post this in my story blog. tersilap kat dashboard blogger tu tadi...uwaaaaaa!! APA NIHHHH????!!!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

lovely eyes!


weekend was hot. i mean freaking hot!! rasa nak berbikini jek. my hair keras giler after the steaming session. bukan keras macam kayu but macam stiff la. and the smell! yughhh!!! no more going to salon for steaming. takyah la pegi lagi. bazir duit je. and on sunday, the girls came and i took the girls' eyes...magnificent set of eyelashes!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
and they still insist on mascara everytime they play with my make-up. deng!

owh i wanna go home but it's raining and i can't probably go out now. would just hang out and play with pictures i took.
take care darlings...

Saturday, January 21, 2006


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a hard day at work. i'm all tired. lepas keje tadi, my colleagues ajak gi makan satay sri melaka, somewhere in keramat. so off we went. makan pun tak selera, we didn't finish the satay. i bet it's not the same as cekmi's.

all of us are kinda uneasy about the situations in the office. we were discussing some issues pasal kerja, pasal new bosses(our shah alam branch ada GM baru, comey giler. encem giler! adeh..cairrnya tengok dia senyum. hes so adorable la!), and also the changes that's gonna happen.

and me, i can't stop blabbering about the workload. maybe it's me, my fault that i'm exposed to a moderate pace kinda environment and when there are like bundles of stuff to take care of, i felt so kelam kabut. tak organise and i felt there are so many things to remember.

i might be using my blog as a note-space for my work and the checklist, so bear with me. i'm gonna start off by listing the stuff i had to do. and the status, and the end of some of my postings...sorry kalau you guys terpaksa baca unrelated stuff tu. heheheh....!

take care, hope the weekend would be great.


1. website : talk to yovein on the materials and prepare site map. call joseph for updates.
2. intranet : up and running. touch up the design.
3. video presentation for plasma tv in the reception area. collect and edit pictures.
4. quotations for pn sunarni & mr mahadil for the insurance claims. process pn sunarni's requests for her laptop, replicator & numeric keypad. (gotta settle this on monday.)
5. submit all approved requests to finance.
6. send intranium's invoices for approval to en azmi.
7. make sure pn sunarni gets her mdi file.
8. company brochures info & layout updates.
9. make requisition of the new projector. get quotes as well. call mr gan!!
10. assist soraya in preparing the system comparison on the existing hr software & the new crew management system.

Friday, January 20, 2006

ummairah again...

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mai with her ibu's selendang masa raya haji. hehehehe!

p/s : the pictures are stitched using a software, provided by panasonic, lumix.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

cilok punya cilok, tercelup!


my mom had fun last nite. i'm happy. hahahah....! she was controlling herself too much and didn't really let herself to laugh out loud. i insisted, anyway and she was laughing, louder than me. wuhuuu!! mmg baeeekkk punya cilok. owh i had the first seat. ever. hahahaha!
Image hosted by
and also, balik tu, nampak bulan. bukan mengambang penuh. ada terpotong sipi but i decided, i wanna try and snap the lovely moon. i cropped it though. not enough zoom lah. hahaha...ermmm and i'm not that satisfy with the results. and i know, somebody would put up his comment here, mr photography. ngeh!ngeh!ngeh! he did all the guiding earlier though. i played around with the shutter speed & aperture. thanx zuhri!
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
hmm....i changed the setting on the camera for the cool effect on the second picture. the real one, very dull.

any comments?

wish i could write more, but i'm just too busy today, dok ganti kerja 2 other colleagues yang pergi training. take care people!


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

..borderless porns..


the title has got nothing to do with anything.

i was spending my time at ikea's area last sunday with some friends when i saw this big store with this sign outside;
Image hosted by
borderss?? in pj?? i've never been to their store in berjaya and now their in my neighbourhood! how dem great is that?
can't wait for the weekends to spend time alone there. but i've got another 2 books to finish.
didn't have the time. i can't afford to read anything once i'm home. my body's too tired.
if i still read, i'll be reading blindlessly, without understanding any of the lines.

owh but i've made plans to go the saloon. no! not zuhri's porn saloon. it's a decent one. ah-moi style. veli cip.

anyways, my feet still hurts. tapi dah kurang. did go to the 6th floor clinic but it was close. tatau sebab apa. so the makcik cleaner
gave me ubat sapu.

and tonite, i'll be watching baik punya cilok again, this time bringing my mom along. i always wanted to take her to movies.
insya-Allah, i'll rush home and outta house after maghrib.

owh! it's 6 o'clock. gotta go people!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

o'my saturday! - a long entry.


i had a full day yesterday. woke up early, did some laundry and helping up mommy dearest. then, dalam pukul 11, i asked my bro to send me to one utama. and before that, to drop me at the post office. gotta buy some of the post express envelopes so that i can send pasir berbisik to zuhri & wegra on monday. sorry guys, a little bit late. but the post express promised something to me, written on the envelopes.


hehe..i suppose, they'll get their respectives cds on tuesday, that is.

i actually went to OU for a movie with tatot. she repeatedly asked me to remind her of our movie date. deng dang betol awek letrik nih. so i waited for her after i picked up the tickets. sambil tu, round-round one utama. it's been a while since i've got the chance to walk alone, tengok baju, tengok books, tengok camera, tengok tripod(i MUST get one!), snap pictures yang appropriate. hehe..even tiang lampu looks appropriate enough to me!

masa cekya jalan kat new wing, i heard riuh-riuh kat ground floor and i peeked. i saw the person i wanna meet after anuar zain. so i went down and meet up with her;
Image hosted by
she was lovely enough to gimme this;
Image hosted by
am not much of an artist-chaser. but this is my first poster, authographed!hahahaha!! i'm just so bloody sexcited! sakan tunjuk kat tatot the poster. she just nganga & smiled. maybe terkejut tengok cekya sexcited kot. ngahahahaha!!!
dayang was so sweet. i told her, how nice and wonderful she sounded in 'kasih'. and she took both of her hands on her chest and say;
"oww you dah beli album tu? thank you so muchh!"
and she looked honestly touched and grateful. and she's so shweet!!

owh enough of that. after the movies(cheaper by the dozen 2-it did make me laugh alot but it made me cry too!eisk!), we went for lunch at chili's. besh ah awek letrik belanja. nanti aku dapat vitamin b, aku belanja ko plak yea beb. and here's what we ate;
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
marvelous. but it was kinda tough to finish up!

i hoped you guys had a great weekend too! chow!


Friday, January 13, 2006

hot green chili pepper!

Image hosted by
Chili = a NOUN

pl. chil·ies , also chil·es or chil·lies

The pungent fresh or dried fruit of any of several cultivated varieties of capsicum, used especially as a flavoring in cooking.
Also called chili pepper.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a story, about a chinese girl and a malay girl. nope. not sepet.

Image hosted by
this is aunt nawal@helen.

she's my mom's childhood friend. she's chinese, converted and got married at a young age. lepas dapat 2 orang anak, she went off to london with her beloved hubby. she came back 2 years ago and haven't got the chance to see my mom. i suppose she's hooked up with settling down here in malaysia. she did call initially but i guess she got occupied with stuff. it was my mom who got in touch with her, through me, as i saw her son's profile in friendster. i quickly get her number from his son and my mom called and smsed her ever since.

yesterday, she came to the house and they were like young ladies again. they talked, laughed and teased each other.

my mom always tells me stories about her and aunt helen when they were small girls. they would play and lepak at each other's place. my mom's apart of her family and she's apart of my mom's family. on ramadhan, while muslims are waiting to break fast, she'll be coming over to the house before the adzan and break fast together. i find that so sweet and comel.

a chinese girl with a dress and a malay girl with her baju kurung, sitting side by side, while waiting for maghrib.

and when they were young girls, they do girly stuff, catch movies(i find it truly disappointing when my mom makes not-approving-face whenever i said i wanna go for movies.huh!), they even wear the same dress. hahahahaha!

and now, at a rather old ages, they compared medicines! pills for high colestrol, for high blood pressure, vitamins, and the list went on and on. i can't hide my smiles when they were discussing these on the dining table.

i'm happy for them. they still have things that are similar - they share the same medications.hikhikhik!

and i hope, they'll stay healthy to share happiness with their grandchildren in future.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Image hosted by
Spider = a NOUN

Any of numerous arachnids of the order Araneae, having a body divided into a cephalothorax bearing eight legs, two poison fangs, and two feelers and an unsegmented abdomen bearing several spinnerets that produce the silk used to make nests, cocoons, or webs for trapping insects.

Can't really understand the jargons? Hmm...Me too...

what's yours?


thank you for you guys’ kinds words, smses and calls.
ramai bertanya, WHY? what’s happening?

i would say that my favourite word for the past few days is ‘ntah!’. my escapism word is ‘ntah!’. what’s yours?

i can’t really say what’s bothering, what’s nagging, and refrained me from being a dear girl and be kanak-kanak ribena again. i've said it in my earlier posting so i suppose i'm not into explaining in detail.

i totally feel bad about it, having to explain to everybody. maaf kerana menyusahkan ramai orang. and somebody didn’t reply my sms this morning. i guess that person is already fed-up ‘entertaining’ my impossible behaviour. fine with me. i’m at fault. i’m sorry again.

agaknya sebab asyik melayan perasaan, i’m sick now. gee! great cekya! now you gotta handle your asthma, and your loyal weekly headache.

esok hari raya haji. i guess i’m scarifying my health to ‘entertain’ my emotional needs. that's my sacrifice for this year. deng!

take care people, and have a wonderful raya. owh what a cliché. :( but i really mean it, guys..have an enjoyable one.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

..swollen eyes..

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lately, i find it hard to write. i post pictures to have entries. i wanna have entries. kalau boleh, i wanna write everyday. that's the initial purpose of having a blog. i love writing. babbling mostly, but yeah..writing is the formal word for it.

i embedded my memories here. i remembered, i wrote about how delicious my roti canai tasted. how terrible it is not to see anything in the lrt. pitam case. and also, how great it is to pick manggis at my mak long's huge kebun in muar.

i noticed, my entries are so sad nowadays. i wrote with tears. why? i'm still figuring out answers, to answer myself. why is this happening. holidays can't make me happy anymore. that's just so weird. having good companion and friends lasts at that moment of time. when they are not around, i felt empty.

books and also, my darling lumix aren't the best of friends as well.

things got worst, as if to sum things up, i discovered few bad things about myself that i didn't see it before.the new boss pointed things out for me. it IS good but i just can't describe, how humiliating it was. me, being the eldest, always wanted to be the best and do well in everything, have great achievements, is actually lost! there are no specific 'lane' i'm following. i'm everywhere. goodness...where actually am i?

i cried last nite, till i fall asleep peacefully. and this morning, as if the world is encouraging me to let my tears flow. it rained.
and i cried watching mai's pictures. i missed my nieces so bad.
and i cried listening to mirai - kiroro. i understand none of the lyrics.
and i cried for the simplest thing.
owh i am just terribly sad.
as i write this entry, i still got tears falling..

one of these days, i'm hoping Allah would show me some signs. please, Allah!..:"( how can cekya be so sad?


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Monday, January 02, 2006


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i just got back from a friend's house. lepak and watched 2 movies. sunday was a full day for me. went to klcc for an early show- pride & prejudice. owh i'm just a sucker for old love stories! i cried a little bit. tu pun time happy. wuhuhu!! i'm so pathetic! after the movie, met my friend and we went to a wedding kat gombak. then, we went to ampang park to do some surveys for her wedding attire. around 4.30pm, i head home. tiba pj, hujan lebat sangat!! i was soaked wet when stepping into the car. adik cekya parking dekat but heck!! cekya dah lencun. fine.

tiba rumah, i had to open the gate. there's no use of an umbrella. hujan berangin. pakai payung ke, tak pakai ke, i will still be wet. so i took my own sweet time, slowly opens the gate and tralalalala! udah ler baju kurung melekat kat badan. wakakakaka!! menyeksi abes!

masuk je rumah, i felt so warm. i go straight to the washroom and mandi. felt really weak and baring. sedar-sedar, it was like 12 am!! lamanya cekya tido! and my body's heating up. bangun, took some pill and tido semula till morning.

pagi ni rasa ok sikit but i was wearing sweaters till late afternoon. and my friend smsed, ajak pegi rumah dia to lepak & watch movies. ok kot. suddenly i felt depressed and needed some fresh air.

off i went. lepak, watched 2 movies - salon & the perfect man. masa tengok the perfect man tu, we saw this yummy cake. the 3 of us terasa nak makan choc banana cake. hehehehe...

lepas maghrib, we went to alamanda, pi secret recipe and besides the yummy choc banana, we ate a GIANT karipap la..wonder how much will makcik gerai jual this karipap;
Image hosted by
it's pastry with chicken & corn filling. spicy and hot too. even dah nak habis makan pun, the filling still berasap. sesuai untuk time lapar & tengah hujan. hahahahha!!!

around 10, we made our move, then singgah toilet jap. i snapped this pic;
Image hosted by
could anyone explain?

i'm expecting answers, my beloved friends!hahahahahahaha!!!


Sunday, January 01, 2006

year 2006!

Image hosted by

it's approximately 12:42am. it's 1st january, 2006. at this moment, i can still hear the sound of firecrackers. woi! tak abes lagi ke. people are trying to get some sleep here, BURNERS! hehehe...

how time flies. i learnt alot, i got to know so many people, be it in my real life and also my 'cekya' life. and i also can speak with my bro. we can interact and talk about stuff. not like before. i suppose the huge fight had made us realise, what are the things that are bothering us and keeping us apart. althought tak ada perundingan meja bulat dibuat. i guess we just understood that things can't go on like this, forever.

2005 is also regarded as the most sad year of my life. i sob alot. i think alot. i pity myself alot. i got very depressed, and i felt cheated. i got carried away? maybe..people have feelings. i have feelings. they say i'm sensitive, fine. it's better than being insensitive & cruel.

so people, i truly hope you guys will have a great year ahead. no, i won't ask about your resolutions. you make resolutions and wishes everyday, and changes can be made through out the year. it doesn't matter if you didn't get your reso fulfilled in 2005. just work smart towards it. no matter what year it is. niat yang baik, diberkati Allah, insya-Allah!

wish i can give a special word to each and everyone of you. love you guys, so much!

lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa LOVE,