Thursday, September 24, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri
to my dearest blogsahabats;
kak lun, masyi, rai, awan, cekmi, kak yati, biah, kak emmy & azell.

you guys are the siblings i have never had!

have a joyful raya...:-)

cekya & family

Thursday, September 10, 2009

and it's only day two...

salam my sweet sisters and brothers...

it's pretty awkward posting an entry, at 6 in the morning. hehehe. got back early today, at about 4.30, had sahur, mandi & solat. and here i am...

it was pretty tiring yesterday but tonite, it was A alrite for me. probably i was warming up at about 1am, walking to a quite far 24hr mamak stall to have drinks with the rest of the team...we haven't really got to know each other but most are single and young guys. early 20s. so maybe wavelength kena adjust as the day goes by.

everything about the training and work is alrite, cuma there were some issues about the contract with the recruitment agency. tatau la if i'm gonna let go this job or not coz from the looks of it, i don't really have a problem since money is the main reason i looked for a job and it wasn't an issue for me. few colleagues will call the agency today and we'll just see how it goes.

guess i wanna take my power nap. at about 10am, mommy will wanna drag me to do some groceries shopping, etc.

so, later dearies!

and have a good day at work!

love, cekya.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

so much for families...


yesterday was an off-mood day for me.

i'm actually exposing dirty laundries here but had to tell it somewhere. talked to alfie's mommy and she was comforting, thank you so much...

some of you might know the cerekarama going on in my family. and my cousin wrote something rude in one of my postings in facebook. i wasn't even involved in that drama, yet this little cousin of mine, lashing it out on me, on facebook, for everybody to read!

i know, i'm not at the losing end. cekya tak rugi apa, and this will eventually 'introduces' the new her to relatives and close friends, nanti sendiri malu but somehow, i was terribly hurt. a cousin sister, who fondly calls me 'akak', acting that way. come to think of it, she was rude to my father, takat cekya nih, apa la sangat kan? she really got the guts!

i cried. but alhamdulillah, an hour @ masjid asy-syakirin during breaking fast & maghrib brought so much peace and ease. eventhough asyik teringat. but like alfie's mommy said, she's young, and immature, thinking that she's a uni graduate, having the liberty to lash out and say anything. and family values. if you guys were to meet and know her, kita takkan sangka. *sigh* it shows how she was brought up[so well, prim and proper as claimed], tapi hakikatnya...

i was her before, cepat marah and berdendam. cekya doa, satu hari, Allah akan bersih dan tenangkan hati dia as Allah has slowly soften mine. insya-Allah...:-)

let us all pray for her.


p/s: and on the posting, i didn't answer her back, but i typed this instead -> :-).