Wednesday, December 26, 2007

surprise, or no surprise?

hey people!

i believe it was a tiring morning. after the long or on and off hols, it's just bloody hard to start again.

it's 5 days to new year. i have so many high hopes for 2008. i've made some preparation to make my existing team strives better. and frankly, there are so many things that i have to improve. rasa perangai dah serupa ayah cekya. he established a consultancy of his own, doing everything from consulting to stamping his letters, invoices, etc.

ikut perangai ayah kot. haihhh!

but it's just tiring doing stuff alone. i had kak yati handle the admin stuff and let her decide[which sometimes she wants me to decide also - alo sista, i'm formally giving you a full pledge of authority for you to decide on the admin stuff. hikhihkhik!]. she's been helping me out, thanx so much sista!

there loads of work to do, both office and the team. i just hoped to get to finish it the soonest. adeh. rasa macam penat and tak motivated to do anything. and i had weird dreams for the past few nights. bangun tu, i'm all sweaty. then asyik buang-buang air. baru cekya perasan yang i dok bantai prunes sebalang since last week. tu pasal amat 'lancar' proses pencernaan dia. cet!

oh yes, semalam, went to visit aan's mother. she was admitted a few weeks back, got a burst vein kat kepala dia and of course, haemorrhage comes into the picture. aan was tough, walaupun at times, she'll cry. all i can do is just be with her, even if i don't have the time to visit but i tried to make a point to visit her mom since the day she was admitted.

there were so many issues that she had to handle before going through the surgery but alhamdulillah, it all went well. she was in the ICU before and after the surgery, and on one of the occasions, her mom did make us worry. she was blabbering about things. doctor said that it was the effect of the drugs.

and few days after that, surprise, surprise, aan told me that her mom was transferred to the normal ward. she's recovering so fast. alhamdulillah we were all overjoyed.

then, 2 days before 'aidiladha, surprise, surprise, aan sent an sms that she's bringing her mom home. i was like, "uh?!". the doctor has allowed her to be discharge and to come for check-ups, as scheduled. alhamdulillah.

and yesterday, after a meeting with a client in shah alam, kak yati, julie & myself went to her house. aan's mom is not only recovering, she's walking, talking and laughing! alhamdulillah!

surprise. surprise.

good or bad, i always 'enjoy' surprises. kalau good surprises, of course, it'll bring smile and joy. kalau bad surprises, it actually trains me to control myself of anger and sadness.

come to think of it, all these emotions that we feel, will definitely build us up as a human being, and makes us realise, we do HAVE flaws. it's a matter of not ignoring them, and to do something about it.

haihhh! easy to type it in words. and it's just so hard to do. sigh!

oh it's 5.30. gotta wrap up my work for today. nak balik awal and buat keje kat rumah la hari nih.
take care beloveds!

lotsa love, cekya.

Monday, December 24, 2007

it's amazing...

salam people...

i went thru some of my old writings. those writings just amazed me. macam orang lain yang tulis. it's just not like me, at all! hahahha..pelik eh.

and i did promise not to buy new handphone but bought 2 phones after that instead. my defend - manusia hanya merancang. hahhahaha...! and alot of things have been bought since then. and i still wonder, berapa ribu juta la have been spent to buy gadgets, cameras, stuff for the cameras and list goes on and on.
and here's the latest;

it's mac and i've been using windows for like ages. i'm still adjusting to the platform. and i've been spending my weekend with bro mac in bed, with this guy on the player;

thanx kak lun for the cd. it came right on time! melompat gua dapat package dari ratnawati jasman. hehehe....

anyways, how can you resist such weekend? hehehe... tapi tu lah. the price i have to pay - boredom. tido, terjaga. tido, terjaga. it's tiring! rasa lemah jek badan. probably i was busy for the past few weekends, that i longed for another hectic one. tapi mcm wtl cakap, enjoy it while we can!

been reading this book;
it's a chilling thriller containing mysteries, crime and unsolved cases. an underground chamber has been discovered on the property of a former Boston mental hospital containing six small naked mummified female bodies in clear garbage bags. malam semalam, i was in the middle of the book and the story started to get creepy. terus letak buku kat sebelah, off lampu and went under the blankets. hahahah..takot! i seram uols! hahahahaha!

nih cekya baru lepas lunch and rasa melayang la. macam nak jatuh. napa eh? letih betul la macam nih.

anyways, have a great off day tomorrow and kerja semula on wednesday!

lotsa love, cekya

Friday, December 21, 2007

to stay together...


it's a relaxing day. bosses pun tak ada. i've been 'stealing' office's time to complete a wedding job. pictures has been burnt to dvd, slideshow pun dah settle. semua dah ready to be delivered.

wtl's made a post that makes me think. or rather sad, actually.

i've been meeting alot of men lately. the wrong men. cekya rasa rimas dan lemas. i mean, these types je ke yang tinggal kat malaysia? unstable jobs. irresponsible. not wanting to settle down. not wanting to have a long relationship[oh yeah, they prefer a one night stand]. only one thing in their minds, s.*.x. kalau umur early twenties tu, gua boley accept la but ni dah 30+. takkan tak boleh fikir? ntah ah. thinking about it makes me furious, but talking about it makes me even madder. i've been doing and sacrifying alot. and i get nothing in return. not that i hoped for any but i guess, things should be working in 2 directions.

in the other hand, i kept thinking, am i the one with problems. yelah, orang kata, keep pointing your forefinger and the others shall be pointing at you. i guess i have to sit and list down what is actually wrong with me. maybe, banyak salah cekya yang cekya tak nampak. maybe, ada benda yang i have to look into. or improve, as a matter of fact. well accepting one's own flaws IS difficult. tapi kena buat jugak nampaknya.

alhamdulillah, i'm busy with work and wedding jobs, therefore forbids me to feel at least a teeny weeny bit of loneliness. but still. it's just within me. surrounding me. and i'm afraid it shall eats me alive. *sigh*

Ya Allah, please let these bad feelings away from me.

sincerely, as always,

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



it's 12 days to 2008. another hectic year, i presume. with all the new things planned, dari hal-hal office, to my personal plans. macam-macam nak fikir and to organise. haihhh!! thinking and planning all those made me even more tired than ever.

i watched a movie kelmarin. heartbreak kid. memang lawak. first few sentences pun dah buat cekya tergelak besar. and cerita nih, if you get the joke, you'll get it. kalau tak faham, then you'll be quiet when everybody's laughing like hell. heheheh...

well semalam round-round klcc with my colleague. bought a birthday present for myself.'s my forever CK Be.

dari zaman student lagik pakai this perfume. kumpul duit to buy. ingat lagi, it was only RM150 with gifts and goodies. dah
naik harga sket la...cuma dapat 2 miniature this time round. takpelah.

and ahmad got me this;
tapi tak amik lagi. he bought it for me masa visit his wife in the uk. tak sabar nak amik but i guess we're both a bit busy. he's like;"weyyy!! when are you gonna take this terrible and smelly perfume from me???". siot jek. wangi tau! ngok ngek punya ahmad.

penat and hectic, didn't take me away from loneliness, as always. like whennn this kinda stuff will stop bugging me??!! letey ah.

anyways, do enjoy some piccas from the taman rama-rama visit with wtl & awan.

lastly, have a great raya korban, dear friends.
lotsa love, cekya.

p/s : kak lun, it's a dragonfly la sayang. not butterfly...;)

Friday, December 14, 2007


yeah, it's kinda late. 1:45am. i'm still wide awake. the past few days were tiring. it's either i collapsed immediately after lying down, or, it's gonna be a long nite. the eyes just won't shut.

many things have happened. sad ones. nice ones. heart-breaking ones. happy ones. it's all in a package.  something that i couldn't resist. 

alhamdulillah, i'm making my own photography team a reality. i'm actively taking wedding pictures, and events that would have added experience, skills and stuff like that. it's tough at times, juggling with work and all[i wish that i could just walk from that office], but still, it's what i love doing and i can't complaint. it's just great. pretty great. i got a few albums to settle and i just don't have the time. :(

as for the happenings in the office, there are wayyy too many but it's just a totally idiotic just thinking about it. it's a complete hell..

but anyways, i got a deadline tomorrow, gotta chase a few people. and i'll be getting the custom albums i have ordered and the new lens i went crazy for, for the last few months. hehehe....

and i hope the supplier will deliver tomorrow as promised.
and i hope that the designers for the quarterly newsletter will cme back to me before noon or i'll screammm to her.
and i hope i can complete the foolish appraisal form. demmit ah!

weekends, i got a wedding to shoot in melaka. i hope this one turns out well. i still got butterflies in my tummy before ever single job. haihhh! then after the wedding, insya-Allah me & wtl will be heading to PD as i got a last minute booking. it IS hard to find any available rooms, since it's school holidays but it was pure luck! alhamdulillah. wtl would probably have some swimming lessons. hahahah...ready with your suit, girl? hahahahah....

so take care people.
lotsa love,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


smoga saja
dia akan terus-terus sayang padamu
akan tetap di sisi
selalu dan selamanya

smoga saja
aku akan tidak dapat menipu diri
yang kau tidak lagi ada
tidak pernah ada, mungkin


a beautiful soul
a memorable episode
a dream came true

shall it be magnificent?
shall it be remembered?
shall it happen, at all?

i’m feeling it. doubts.

Thursday, October 25, 2007



hi people. i owed some raya stories tapi rasanya tak payah nak cerita la kot. ray apun dah nak habis. hehehe...!

tadi baca blog kak lun and i'm having bad dreams as well. same story tapi jalan cerita lain-lain. it bugs me alrite. rasa tak suka sangat tapi sometimes it makes me believe it. and bila percaya, rasa tak best, start to feel down and all.

cekya memang tak nak percaya tapi from the look of it, macam memang betul lah. kiranya, the dreams actually confirmed the story in real life.

baru 2 kali. kalau masuk 3 kali. tatau la.

anyways, today's alfie's mommy's birthday! so, here goes....

i'm bored. haih!

love, cekya.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

alfie in action!


i sent a few kuih raya to my aunt, as well as a small songkok for alfie. here's a few pics sent by my aunt.

err excuse his hingus dripping. ceh alfie!

will type in stories about raya later.

love, cekya.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

it's nearer....

gambar hiasan - a picture of one of a friend's pottery series.


waa...dah meriah nak raya. kat kl nih, pukul 9 malam, masih ramai orang kat jalan tar, sogo. beratur kereta nak masuk parking. i guess the shopping places are open till late. and lately, hujan lepas maghrib. but yet, with umbrellas and all, diorang redah jugak bazaar ramadhan, sogo, globe, nagoya dan segala kedai kat jalan tar tu. shopping craze betul orang kl nih.

tapi seronok. seronok tengok couples with their small kids, cuba baju kurung, try songkok, kenakan sampin. semuanya sedondon. nampak cantik. well i probably won't have the opportunity. not in a near future.

rasanya, these past few days, have been a very 'quiet' life. yeah, it was hectic but things are a little bit idle. things, for me, deteriorated in its own way.

entah lah. ada dosa yang belum diampunkan Allah, mungkin.

plan beraya dah bertukar. trip to muar on first raya will be cancelled. my mak long will not be home, she'll be in kl to be with her eldest daughter. my cousin, is on chemo treatment, was just diagnosed with cancer. so the rest of the family will be here in kl.

so i guess, i'll be in kl this year's raya. tak syok lah! i will not see my other cousins in muar. eisk! later guys.

p/s : i wonder if my surprise to s'pore sistas has arrived?

love, cekya.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007



i had plans for biskut raya gerak gempur on saturday but i was at home last ntie doing nothing, so cekya decide nak buat biskut tu malam semalam.

1 embarrasing info - i suck in baking. be it cakes, cookies, anything like that. memang asyik tak jadik. and last nite's project was kinda succeeded. yey!

very simple recipe. and your kids would have a great time helping you guys out. untuk yang single. korang bubuh la smarties sendiri. hikhikhikhik!!

Biskut Nestum Lekat Smarties

Bahan-bahan :

250 gm mentega (anggaran 1.5 cawan)
1.5 cawan gula halus
1 biji telur
3 cawan tepung gandum
3 cawan nestum
1 sudu teh esen vanilla
4 kotak smarties sbg hiasan

Cara-Cara :

1. Gula, mentega & telur digaul rata. use a mixer dulu tapi jangan lama sangat. Then only, guna senduk apa2 to blend eveything evenly.
2. Masukkan tepung gandum & esen vanilla sedikit demi sedikit, gaul hingga sebati. Tang ni agak berpeluh gak la. Coz it's gonna start to turn to a dough.
3. Masukkan nestum, uli sehingga sebati. Nih makin berpeluh sebab dough dah mengeras sket.
4. Terapkan ikut acuan kesukaan anda. I just make a small ball and penyekkan.
5. Susun smarties di atas setiap terapan. Press a little.
6. Bakar pada suhu 180'C selama 15-20 minit. This depends on your oven. Mine, I only use 170'C, for 15 mins.

got this recipe friom >>

try la. bahan pun tak banyak sangat. and it's easy!
happy baking, guys...;)

love, cekya.

Monday, September 24, 2007

sibuk beno!


it's been raining since morning. nasib air-cond tak berapa sejuk today so boleh tahan lah. banyak hal dah settle. my insurance plus roadtax. the website enhancement i've working on. site pun dah on live. alhamdulillah, lega sket rasanya. been taking jobs for uni students to complete their photography assignment. been selling some photos to the students as well. and i've sold some of my story books. dapatlah duit raya.

health wise, i'm feeling rather upbeat eventhough it's fasting month. i guess the bz-ness makes me occupied.

hari ni huhahuha sket. make flower bouquet order for my close friend. her b'day's tomorrow. and been breaking fast kat luar more than at home ever since first puasa. hehehe...

ntah la. macam malas nak balik rumah. i'm just tired. emotionally depressed. i'm truly exhausted.
dah la can't make the s'pore trip. haihhh!

lagu2 abang nuar, walaupun best, buat cekya sedey lagik. hukk...

so this evening, prolly nak gi klcc, round-round carik present for my friend. berbuka dalam lrt ajelah kot. hehehe...

gotta go guys. tengah nak buat project baru pulak nih. photobook for a colleague pulak. later guys.

love, cekya.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

susah, kan?

rasa susah nak terima kenyataan.
biar bertahun pun, it's pretty hard to accept it.

best solution for me, apa yang cekya buat is denial.

deny apa yang dah sememangnya fakta.
apa yang sememangnya dah terjadi.

if i can turn back time.
i wish i could.

and today, something has hit me hard.
macam baru terjaga dari lena yang panjang.

realiti ni susah ah cekya nak terima. pedihnye.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

name tag.


hi people. salam 1 ramadhan...

cik yati@wtl soh buat tag. ok gak la. hilang ngantuk. hehehe...

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged, and to read ur blog.

Ms Read
cekya memang suka membaca. anything. any material. kadang signboard2 kat LRT, kat tempat2 menunggu, sakan baca. tapi paling utama, books, of course. WTL keeps her books. but i planned to sell them off. baru jual sikit. i’m just gonna let others read and enjoy what i’ve been reading…lagi satu, cekya nih untidy, buat sepah jek nanti. huhuhu!

Ms Sing-A-Song
i sing a lot. kat mana2 aje.kat LRT, bas, tengah jalan kaki. everywhere lah. sometimes my friends asked, “ko dgr cd player ke?”,”ko tengah dengar mp3 ke?”. nope. cekya kalau hafal, segala melody, bunyi gitar, bunyik dram, segala clarinet pun cekya hafal. so pitching dan segala tune, mmg lengkap lah. hahahahaha…

Ms Painty Mainty Mugs
i go crazy bila nampak these mugs. and all of my mugs mmg hand painted. baik kat office, kat rumah. kalau pecah, beli lagi yg hand painted. masa cekya gi UK baru2 nih, kat Whithard shop yang jual tea bags, serbuk2 the pelbagai rasa, they also sell hand painted mugs. it’s 10 pounds each, mind you. the exact same mug that i have here. that’s RM70. kat Jusco RM11.90 jek. nyiahahahaha!

Ms Yoggy Yogurt
especially Nestle’s Mixed Fruit. adeh sedapnya! and Dutch Lady’s Lime Lemon. i can drink it like 1 big bottle. yummy. they are just yummy. yummy. again. hehehe…

Ms Place Piccas
i got the pictures i took is all over. dalam hard disk. dalam external hard disk. kat dalam pc at home. sigh. i must, must keep them at one place. kalau tak, boleh pening. still searching for the best solution to keep them. my precious images.

Ms Wear Till You Swear
name it. heels, loafers, slipper. cekya akan pakai sampai kasut tu dah tak ada daya lagik. ntah. some people ada byk heels at one time. like me, i have like 2 heels utk kerja, 1 loafers utk jalan-jalan carik pasal. and 1 sneakers. and that’s about it. ada orang sampai 1 cupboard. Siapa ek? hehehehehe…

Ms Aunt Org
enough said kot. cekya malas mengemas. haihhhh! beg yang gi UK ari tu pun belum settle lagik. Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Ms Cotton Candy
pink is my favourite colour. apa jua la yang warna pink. itu rasanya semua sedia maklum. hehehe…dan telah pun menjangkiti orang lain. heheheh…

who am i tagging? tak ada siapalah rasanya.
tata people!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

wabbits & weddings...


lupa pulak nak cerita pasal the hectic and long weekend that i had with wtl & awan, as well as my families.

the jungle night dinner was fabulous and fun. thanx wtl, and her committee, for giving awan and i, a chance to enhance our skills in photography. and i'm glad that the staff of labuan re loved the piccas that i put up @ multiply. check 'em up, will you? here some of the photos. for more 'animal' photos, gi multiply eh...
and we had late dinner @ mcdonalds..and we slept at 4. sheesh!

semangat betul dengan chairman nyanyi lagu patriotik gitewww!

who's feet is this? but 'twas a happy feet indeed! hehehehe....

awan asyik mengadap show ni. nganga jek dia. huwawawawa!

on saturday, went to a wedding at pwtc. my cousin's wedding. geng2 main masak2[dia tukang carik daun2 dan ranting2 untuk masak!] dan kejar2, dan sorok2 masa kecik dulu. wuhuhuhuhu...he's 2 years younger than i am. it's been a while since i met him. the last time was like yearssss ago! congratulations bro!

engraved chochies for the guests. belgian. reminds me of kak lun's b'day cake. sheesh!

pretty pretty dais...:)

the beautiful'aruf & emma...

til later guys. enjoy the piccas!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

kfc, astro & bumbung yang bocor.

hi people!

bongok. bongok. bongok.

semalam cekya tak lunch, so balik tu, singgah kfc for dinner.beli 9 pieces since my mom pun tak makan lagi. tiba rumah, dah mandi and all, nak makan. i was so pissed off bila tengok ayam goreng dalam kotak merah itu. semuanya isi. dada semata. aduih. too much of isi ayam is a bit too much for me. tapi takpelah. makan jugak.

on aje tv, hujan pun turun. as usual. astro would show this "service not available". of all nights, yang cekya being able to be at home early. and i can't watch the tv. erghhh!!! mama cakap, just off the plugs. kang kena sambar kilat pulak. fine.

hujan makin lebat. cekya masih lagi cuba untuk habiskan ayam goreng isi semata tu. tiba-tiba drips of water atas meja makan, right in front of me. bocor. toleh ke dapur. dah berladung air kat lantai. haihhh!! bocor lagi? tiap-tiap minggu datang fix bumbung, pun bocor?

contractor tu, ayah cekya yang hire. bila comment pasal bumbung, ayah will terasa, just because he hired that guy. unreliable. waste of money. every weekend fix the same sh*t. dia tak rasa bosan ke buat benda yang sama. betulkan benda yang sama. bukan nak kata apa la.
bukan cekya nak mengata bangsa sendiri. tapi....hish! bila bagi muka. macam ni la jadinya.

dah letak kain-kain & baldi-baldi untuk tadah air. cekya masuk bilik. pijak tepi katil. basah. aik...takkan cekya mandi sampai air berladung. bila dongak. tuuu dia. bocor jugak?

mama cakap, nanti bagitahu ayah. takpelah. malas nak kecoh. tadah ajelah dengan baldi. kalau repair pun, sama jugak macam kat dapur tu. mama diam. haihhhh!of all the day that i get to be home early, all these happen. just perfect. almost perfect!

chow people!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

alfie's school

comel kan, sekolah alfie? hehehe...

he'll be happy and energetic when it's time to go to school early in the morn. he got a classmate named lizzie. diorang akan berbual bla blu ble gu gu ga ga each morn masa arrive as well as masa balik sekolah. lawak la. bersahut-sahut macam orang tua berborak. hehehe...

and bila balik tu, alfie will look as tired as his daddy. nampak letih sangat. kesian dia. then ada a piece of paper given, macam daily report. ada details on how much milk did he take, food for lunch, snacks. berapa kali wet & soil. and what makes him laugh or cry. active ke tak. i mean it's a good record for parents. i'm not sure about singapore tapi cekya tak pernah plak nampak nursery here in malaysia buat macam tu. at that point, rasa nak bukak nursery jek. hehehehe....!

nurseries in the uk, in brighton to be precise, ranges between 20-40 pounds a day. yes. realllly expensive. alfie's nursery's 38 pounds a day. he'll be sent to the nursery 3 times a week[that's when my auntie works.]. kalikan ajelah...
that's 456 pounds a month.

mahal ek. haihhh...lucky alfie.

Monday, August 27, 2007

lelaki itu...

salam people!!

it's been helluva week. it was hot. the heat i can't really take. i took some wedding pictures on saturday together with awan. ikut wtl, it was her colleague's brother's wedding. the pictures are at


lately, i've been crazy over anuar zain's latest single, lelaki ini. absolutely amazing. he really knows his listeners. but anyway, cekya bukan nak cerita pasal anuar.

it's about somebody i know. knew.
he adores anuar. his songs. his voice. his musical involvement, basically. not men-men attraction yea. hehehe...

i remembered, we bet, who's gonna get his cd first.
i got back that day with anuar's second album in my bag and called him when i reached home.
his words was;
"oh my god, did u hear the 6th song. it has this bla bla bla touch"
"goodness, his voice!"
"i like track 8 the most. what do you think?"
"i dah tak nampak sapa2 lagi nyanyi lagi best."[mawi wasn't in the picture at that time but i'm willing to bet that he'll pick anuar, still.]
and we could have lengthy conversation about each song in the album. till dawn, ok? no joke. he stays up just to talk and pick fights with me. all about anuar. hehehe... and being in the entertainment industry, he knows better! sheesh!

i missed having in-depth conversations with him. exchange of ideas. not only about anuar. about stuff. it feels good to have great conversation, being heard, getting annoyed[but i have gotta admit, i enjoyed it!].

i wonder how he's doing now. i would like to know if he's found the happiness that he's been searching for.
i wonder if the 'wounds' has been taken care of, or it's still there.

i saw him few months back, but from far. watching him from far.
he looks good. fresh cheeks.

hey but who knows. deep down inside, he's hurting, all over again. i just knew, nampak mata dia...emmm tak ada sparkle.

well my friend, i hoped you have what you want in life. you would laugh your heart out, like you did that nite. always always!

i missed you and will always pray for you. and remembers you whenever they have anuar's number playin'! and i hoped you'll remember me, bila dengar any anuar zain's songs. ;)

love, cekya

Thursday, August 23, 2007


ku mencintaimu lebih dari apapun
meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tau
ku mencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku
ungu :: kekasih gelapku

Monday, August 20, 2007

some pictures...

salam people!

i'm swamped with work. there are so much things to be done.
here are some pictures. I'll write something later. busy la plak.

love, cekya.

Friday, August 10, 2007

jet lag...


i hope everybody's fine. seronok rasanya dapat jejak bumi malaysia after 18 days of being away. lama jugak la yea? cekya rasa cam sikit jek amik cuti.
but anyways, the trip was tiring, to be frank, tapi memang best.

rasa macam terlalu banyak nak cerita but i guess i should do like series macam cekmi la kot. hehehe...

tapi, yang buat cekya happy sekali is this young handsome lad.

mommy dia dah sibuk suruh dia jadik macam thierry henry la, lewis hamilton la. oh yes, alfie nih memang manja betol dengan mommy dia. kalau mood baik, ok la. kalau tengah angin, asyik nak bergayut kat mommy dia jek. but most of the time, he's fine. comel sangat rasa nak telan. i even gigit his plump cheeks. geram punya pasal. dah pandai tertonggeng-tonggeng nak bangun berdiri and nak start jalan. he has not even mastered his crawling. hahaha...

this time, cerita alfie, next, will be the pictures i took and stories about the lavish london and brighty brighton!

take care people. wanna get some sleep. sleepy head, i am.

love, cekya.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

london & brighton


it's been great 10 days. i've been walking most of the days, wandering around london, as well as brighton.

hoped everyone's well.

love, cekya.

updates :: 010807
i'm still in the uk, will be back in a week's time. sorry la kalau tersilap faham dgn entry cekya nih. hehehehe.... ;)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

off i go...


hi all. it's been helluva week. i'm going bonkers. very tired till i cried. i guess the pressure's too much. i came to realise that i'm not over about the fact that i'm out of the team. it makes sadder person, i think too much, resulted that i can't take the office work's pressure. i've been staying late in the office to settle everything before i went off for the 2 weeks leave. letih betul cekya when it comes to last minute task given. things that should be decided last week, hasn't been done. bongok betul. it's tough and it's taking too much out of me.

oh well, today's saturday, i have a few chores to do, actually shopping, to be specific. need to buy some stuff for the trip. london's gonna be wet next week, says my aunt but i hope it'll not coz i shall miss the nice shots. hehehe.

i'll be staying a week in london and another in brighton. i must admit, i'm leaving malaysia with a very sad note. i almost cried hugging my colleagues yesterday, although it's just for 2 weeks! however, i hoped to get rid of what i think too much now and start fresh when i'm back.

so long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye...[cam citer sound of music plak!]

take care my dearest friends.

love you guys lots!

Monday, July 09, 2007

great weekend! how was yours?


it's been alrite. weekend was fun. saturday, had small family tahlil. pagi-pagi bangun ikut my mom gi pasar tani. got a not so good news masa kat pasar. tapi takpe, Allah Maha Kaya. ada hikmahnya! the tahlil went well. as usual, tak ramai yang datang. had good food after isya'. wished i could eat more. kepala plak sakit. with a little wheezing. asthma mai lagi daaa!

at 11pm, ira & ika came. makan sikit and off to bed. tak sabar nak tido sebab ayah cekya baru pasang aircond kat all rooms. "macam kat hotel", komen ika. haihhh...!!! budak! and ika said something that made me stunned.

"dah lama kita tak jumpa auntie sue, kan?"

yeah. the weddings and all. i had actually created a distance between me and the kids. kesian diorang. sebak gak bila ika cakap macam tu. it's just so true. all i say was, "auntie sue ada keje, ada wedding, can't see you girls, nanti jalan dengan tok aje, bila tak ada wedding, we can go out for swimming or movie..." it's not that i regret having to shoot weddings tapi...hmm...entahlah!

esoknya, bangun and gi bawak the girls swimming. rasa seronok. rasa macam dulu-dulu. i can't imagine that i actually watched, and only WATCHED them swimming and having fun for 2 solid hours. hahaha... kalau ikutkan hati, biar sampai petang pun takpe. here are some piccas;
kemain susah nak ajak balik. my dad suggested that i tie a long rope on their bodies and bila time nak balik, tarik aje! hahahha...seriously! i had to lie saying that i'm heading home, baru terkejar-kejar nak naik. haihhh!!! sampai kecut-kecut jari semua. eh i'm hantu air gak and i wouldn't wanna be out of water kalau dah nampak swimming pool. can't blame them! next time, cekya nak join jugak la walaupun pool budak-budak. hehehehe!

well. gotta go. nak join my parents tengok citer gods must be crazy. jeles pulak dengar ayah cekya gelak sakan kat depan tu.

tata my friends.

love, cekya.

Friday, July 06, 2007

bertahan lah!


i'm still recovering from asthma. ada letih lemah sket if i walked too fast or it's too cold. dada rasa bisa. takot gak kalau kena heart attack. huishhh seram gue! but i think my lungs are recovering, probably i was forcing myself to breathe and it has 'hurt' the lungs and chest.

last nite gi tengok transformers. i have never never never felt so chill in any cinemas, until last nite. nak tengok wayang pun tak comfy. and i'm not a big fan pun. saja teman 2 of my friends sebab depa suka tengok cerita-cerita cenggitu. but the graphic works. tip top lah. marvelous. impressive gila. agak ternganga gak la tengok.

at that moment, how i wished i was part of the graphic design team. seriously. it'll made me bloody proud lah! hehehe...

storyline wise, for you to decide.
tapi, the first line of the movie made me think, life ni, balanced. ada yang baik, ada yang jahat. ada yang buruk, ada yang gemok. ada yang ikhlas, ada yang pura-pura. ada give and take.

we'll just have to accept it. and make do.
have a great weekend guys!

love, cekya.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

transformed? transformers? transformation?


it was a dusty dusty weekend. some tebuk siti situ sana sini at my house. ada renovation sket. and as a result, i got the asthma attack. tried calming it down with my tablets but it's still there. lah dia kalau renovate rumah. i will surely jadik mangsa. but what to do...

and i have a news for you guys, i've ended my 'photographer life' with redmedia.

so much as i wanted to stay, i have to go. reasons. so many of them.

yeah, sedih. as photography is my passion. and taking wedding pictures makes it more wondrous. but some say that i need to improve. my wedding pictures are not so great compared to my other pictures. point noted.

makanya, cekya kena banyak lagi belajar. banyak lagi ilmu! kena banyak lagi practice shooting. as for now, cekya nak rehat dulu. lepak. tenangkan fikiran as these stuff are really mind-boggling and i'm emotionally exhausted. i guess, ni ujian paling berat yang cekya terima. cekya kena banyak sabar dan tak mau mengarok. no point la kan nak marah-marah.

to all, thanx so much for supporting me & redmedia. insya-Allah, i'll try to improve myself, and i do hoped for your prayers. as i also need to dekatkan diri pada Allah. probably cekya banyak lalai and this is the price i have to pay, and cekya redha.

so i guess that's all for now. take care peeps.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

{melaka + part 2}

salam people...

here's the 2nd part of melaka trip. we woke up with a peaceful surroundings. tak ada bunyik kereta. tak ada bunyi riuh2. peaceful. kat belakang rumah pulak, bendang. cekya bangun lambat. hehehe. coz it was so hard to shut my eyes. maklum la. perut terlebih kenyang. but anyway, lets not brag about me getting up late. heheheh...lepas mandi, cekya angkat camera and round2 keliling rumah. my other friend with camera dah balik dah dari buat roundings. hehe... here are some pics;

then, we had breakfast, or shall i say brunch? had roti canai, roti telur , sambal sotong and the mouth-watering kari kambing. pehhhh! kari kambing yang sangat tidak berbau. daging dia empuk and sebati dengan rempah kari. eisk! teringat pulak.

then we bid goodbye to wtl, thinking that we're just gonna head straight to kl. masing-masing muka dah tarik sampai ke kaki. mungkin ngantuk, mungkin penat. tatau la tu!

tetiba kitorang teringat some bazar yang dibuka 24 jam nearby melaka sentral and we just had to drop by. sila la lihat gambar kanak2 yang teruja untuk mengunjungi kedai ala tujuh sebelas ittew;

and that place is so surprising!!there were NOTHING. hahahaha...ala-ala kedai mamak belakang rumah jual barang runcit, mentol segala. hahaha...adeh ler. ingatkan bazar jual barang kerastangan ke. adeh! time was indeed, wasted.

we then decided to head for bandar melaka. untuk menampal kedukaan mengunjungi bazar 24 jam. hehehe....

sampai je, abang bawak beca sound kitorg, kena beli coupon, kalo tak kena saman. haihh!...bukan apa la. aku rasa style coupon nih dah tak digunakan kat kawasan pj lebih setengah abad yang lalu. tekan mesin, masuk duit, kuar ticket, dah le. nih nak gores dan menang pulak. kalau gores tu, betul2 menang, tak apa jugak. ceh!
lepas letak ticket, we went straight to kawasan muzium2 and all those a-famose thingy lalu jalan merdeka. walaupun merdeka, jalan nih kereta banyak and the melaka river cruise project is an eye sore coz they didn't really cover the construction place.

on the way nak tengok muzium2 tu, we stopped by beli air mineral maha sejuk. best wooo. konon takut dehydrated. tapi mmg haus. and i got red spots on both my arms. nih bahana seafood. kena panas, lagi la terbakar. ye kawan-kawan, saya memang allergic sebeno'eh. heheheheh....!nih kat kedai beli air tu, diorg jual souvenir sekali. gambar nih disnap secara curi. hikhikhik...

trishaws like this are all over the places. and i suppose, semua beca kat melaka nih digi-sponsored la. semua pakai kaler kuning, payung digi, baju digi. tapi tak ada plak orang kuning tu follow beca-beca nih.

meriam. nak lebih penerangan? tebAbBbBOoOOooOWWWwwWW!!!!!!!!!! enough? hikhikhikhikhik....

model yang hanya berdiam kerana menahan terik mentari. cekya rasa kalau julie diri lebih lama, she'll probably be one of the statues. nyiahahahahha!!!!!!!!

nak turun ke stadthuys. smart tangga nih. i can imagine snapping weddings here. sure cun!

cam charlie's angels. julie, ejot & aan. masing-masing dah merah cam udang bakar! macam ikan bakar hangus. hitam weyyy!!!!!!!

these digi flags are on most of the trishaws. like i said, probably digi has invested a sum of money untuk sponsor these trishaws. and they have decorated them like crazy!

gerai tepi2 nih banyak jual crafts and barang pelik2. barang yang dah lama kita tak nampak pun ada. example, a harmonica my arwah grandauntie bought for me when i was small.

love these tikar mengkuang. but i bought stuff for my mom already, so tak ada la beli apa2 kat melaka town nih.
told ya, we're just so red. macam udang. hahahahha....matching kulit dgn baju!
i love this shop. ada ornaments for sale kat tingkap. it's just so unique. pandai these people attract tourists and buyers.
the kapal @ muzium samudera. matahari memancar. adeh panas!
the place we lepak for drinks, and i repeat, DRINKS. hehehe.....
we drove through this place. tak tahu pulak it's a shopping place. ada a few branded and well-known brands shop lots kat dataran pahlawan nih.
and i guess was all for that hot sunday. we were heading for the ayer keroh toll. siap ada air terjun kat junction ni!
3 happy meals. eh silap. 3 happy people, trying to look as fresh as they can be. padahal dah kepenatan dan kepanasan yang teramat sangat.
and that's that. sunset. masuk ldp, was about 6 something. rasa tak sabar nak tiba rumah. indeed, it was tiring tapi cekya happy sangat. lama tak lepak keluar jalan-jalan macam ni.
and the best thing was, i was outstation tapi tak buat keje, meaning it was not a wedding job trip, or office work. it's purely about having fun, spending time with my closest friends.

will make sure that it's gonna be something that i do frequently.
to wtl, thank you so much sebab jadik tour guide kitorang, sabar melayan kerenah adik2 yang macam budak2 nih. hehehehe!

lotsa love,