Thursday, April 26, 2007

hutty celebration!


6 of us were there.
we sounded like 60. mama emmy, biah & zuhri couldn't make it. and that would be 90 of us of they turned up. nyiahahahaha!

the nite started me being hush away by the waitress.
"tak ada space la kak. dah penuh. tak tahu lagi pukul berapa clear."
deng! so where to now? awan came and told him. i joked;
"cuba awan gi try tanya. probably she'll give you a table.."
2 minutes later, awan came to me with a smile.
"jom cekya!"
ceh! demyu waitress. tadi kata penuh. kalau perempuan tanya, cakap tak ada. lelaki tanya, terus ada. bongek! awan said that i gotta put extra. hell ya i did. but then again, i don't have that rosy cheek. nyiahahahahaha!

here are some pictures, so enjoy!

err on the number 17, the birthday lady claimed that she's 17. lets just agree. hehehe!

guys, i had so much fun.
kak yati, may you have more wonderful years ahead! and go watch those movies! need a companion? i'm always here..;)
cekmi, when can we arrange for a visit to your classes nih?
awan, thank you for securing us a table. really, i just don't know how you did it. ceh!
azell, i'll forward you the resume later eh? thihihihi!
and julie, thanx for joining us, the cracky bunch!

love, cekya

Thursday, April 19, 2007

talkabout observations!


wow. it's been thousands of stuff in my mind and i wish i can scribble everything here, sharing those with you guys.

early this week, cekya balik rumah naik lrt as usual, with my 7 months preggy colleague. she's petit and has quite a big tummy. we always have problems getting a seat for her. i know she's been tired lately. with swelling feet and numd hands, i feel helpless looking at her walk, even.

and that evening, we rushed in the lrt and there's an available seat. suddenly came this woman, datang terus duduk. i was like damn! biatch! so we just stand in front of her. she? buat muka tatau and buat-buat tido. biatch! tiba-tiba, a guys beside him, offered my friend his seat. and the interesting thing was, lelaki tu cekya memang nampak dia semacam. he was shivering, peluk tubuh, a drug addict.

haiya. penagih dadah pun faham yang a pregnant lady needs to take a seat. and a woman, whom i believe should have that sifat keibuan whether she's married or not, should have given up the seat. ni dok tengok my friend atas bawah. biatch! oh i've said that word 3 times now. enough already.


office. is a total boredom. new boss. new colleague. adui. if i'm the only one yang susah nak adapt, then probably, i'm at fault. nih semua orang can't accept the way they work. the way they do things. the way they talk, even. it's just getting on my nerves la sometimes. ceh! cekya sampai tak tahu nak bercerita la pasal diorang berdua nih. and i got this deparmental meeting tomorrow. the boss have warned us that it's gonna be long. ceh! than siapa nak jaga department? who's gonna answer those damn calls. dia ke? dah la dulu sound gua sebab buat support kat tempat orang..."you jaga should be at your place je...takleh gi tempat orang..!"...ceh! oh i've said that word 3 times now. enough already.


lately, i feel pretty lonely. cam dok sorang-sorang jek. kalau balik lewat, balik terus mandi and tido. kalau balik awal, pun macam tu. tido. i guess that's the way to shoo-shoo my feelings kot. kadang tu i force myself to sleep sampai rasa suffocated. hahahaha....kalau letak cctv atas katil tu, macam-macam aksi ada. tutup kepala dgn bantal la. kaki naik atas bedpole tepi tu. baring melintang la. lemas betul. tpai nak menghilangkan rasa bosan dan menyampah dgn the mixed feelings i have.
i hope my friends out there tak le mengalami syndrome katil macam cekya. nyiahahahaha!!

oklah peeps. take care!

lotsa love, cekya.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

sweetest lady...

p/s : girl, i'm really sorry for the late wish in blog. take care of your health, alrite?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sleepy Slappy Sloppy...


weekend was hot, stuffy, berbahang..just name anything which is associated with heat. semuanya ada.

schedule for the weekend was a bit tight. majlis cukur jambul & wedding on saturday and album delivery on sunday.

pagi ahad tu, kepala sakit and i got a slight asthma attack. rasa macam mengheret kaki jek bila gi klcc ari ahad tu.

kat klcc, jumpa the client kat dome. zuhri ordered chicken pie, tapi telah dirasmikan oleh anaknda beliau, adiputra. hahahaha...tapi nampak sedappp sangat. takde mood nak mkn at that time, or otherwise, i've ordered one for myself. hehehe...!

and i bought this >>

i guess my old phone has given up on me. so i got this one, simple one with simple features.

so that's about it peeps. and oh, the above picture, is muhammad syakir, yang telah dicukur jambulnya last saturday and kerana rambut yang mcm elvis presley, tak berkurang plak rambut dia walau dah ramai yg potong. hahahha...he is just a charming little boy.

that's about it. take care guys.

love, cekya