Wednesday, May 30, 2007

she's THE miss...


yeah, miss riyo mori won the beauty contest. kat mata cekya, tak ada la cantik sangat-sangat. but she's smart. and the final question that she answered reminds me when i was small. the judge asked, what's the most memorable moment of your childhood yang buatkan dia ingat till today.
there was this concert kat tadika and everybody had to wear baju mcm ala red indian. and everybody got their costume except for yours truly. maklum la, extra inches everywhere, so i had to custome-made my costume. masa dapat tahu that there's no costume for me, i went back crying and the teacher called up my mum saying that i had to make one of my own.
then mak cekya gi sekolah, amik contoh from the school, beli kain and made a red indian costume for me. with the exact colour and all. hehehehe... and cekya smiles again!
bila fikir balik, ngengada gak la. tapi disebabkan nak join jugak kengkawan menari time concert, buat gak la baju tu. hmm...i wonder where the baju is. probably my mom left it in johor when we moved.
but anyway, i love miss japan @ miss universe's long dress. memang cantik! suka! nampak simple but i just love it!
gotta go! till later.
love, cekya.

Monday, May 28, 2007

trip to remember...


i had a great weekend. melaka's steaming hot. aiseh wtl, i just can't imagine you going back to melaka every other weekend. panas sehh!! langit very clear, tak byk awan. awan, you should go to melaka...give your soothing aura kat sana. adeh panas. panas. panas. enough said? hahahaha!

the wedding went well, alhamdulillah, despite the hot weather. friday, sampai jek, bride to be was getting ready, so off we went to the resort we're suppose to stay to get clean and all. the place was rather decent. err...clean and all. cuma sabun dia yang tak sanggup gua pakai. macam fab buku. mau calar satu badan. hahaha...but zuhri said he used it anyway. hahahaha...

habis majlis nikah, amik gambar studio for the couple, we finished at 1.30am la lebih kurang. wtl waited kat resort. then 3 of us gi makan ikan bakar nearby the resort. adeh. terliur la bila cakap pasal ikan bakar cili dia. ermm...wtl kata ada lagik sedap. kalau gitu, leleh la segala air mata, hidung dan telinga cekya. nyiahahahahha!!!!

wtl stayed with me that nite. kita borak sambil tengok tv, sedar-sedar dah pukul 3am. aiseh. esok ada keje lagi nih tapi tak tido. best la kan sis? nanti buat another round of trip. we shall select a better and bigger place so everybody can come and stay in 1 room. hehehhee...and we shall borak till 5am! hehehe...

and zuhri called to wake us up. tak senonoh betul le anak dara 2 org nih. eisk...!

but anyway, the majlis ended about 5 something, gi makan and head home. jauh plak. wtl silap tunjuk jalan ke, kitorg yg silap masuk junction ke but we took almost an hour to arrive at the toll. adeh. we followed the signages tapi ntah le...

gotta go. ada keje. oh ye, gambar atas tu is the bride, getting ready to be photographed with her melaka's traditional costume.


p/s : i'm so excited nak tengok baby nuha tonite. i'll probably stop by at the hotel to see her. tak sabar dah nih! hehehehe...wtl, wanna come?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

longer days, shorter nights.

lately cekya hari-hari balik lambat. chill kat klcc, most nights. hehehehe....bukan buat apa. balik from office pun lewat, then had dinner with my colleague, then beli some books. aiseh. hari-hari beli buku. i guess i'm back to my old habits.

balik rumah, baca buku sampai habes. hahaha...a book a day. tido around 2-3am. pagi, ngantuk. tido sambil berdiri or bergayut kat handle dalam lrt. hahahaha!

and today, i'm suppose to teman a friend of mine to buy a digital camera. haihhh! balik lewat lagik. ceh! and tomorrow, after lunch, me & zuhri will be heading for melaka, ada wedding. be back in kl on saturday.

and probably, on sunday, me and my family will be going to muar, nak jumpa my uncle to ask him to be the wakil for my brother's enggagement in november. haihhh! penatnya dengar all these plans.

pasal kerja, bertimbun. i just can't open my files and work. bercelaru lagi kepala nih.

oh masyi's coming to kl next week. something i look forward to after all these hectic days. tak sabar nak tengok baby nuha yang comel macam cekya. nyiahahahahhaah!!!!!!!

oklah. gotta go. take care people!

Monday, May 21, 2007



wowwie. this blog has been really quiet. tak ada sapa mai tinggal comment. takpelah. it's not that i have an interesting life lately. hehehe...

free time, i prefer to stay home and read books. rasanya in 2 days, i've finished 3 books. and kept buying. *sigh* and most of them, are love stories. am i hoping for something? or just easing myself, reading a good ending. about someone getting what she wants, who she wants, when she wants it. rasa soothing when i read ever perfect path of their lives. each of it ada cerita yang berlainan. and i know, none of them fits mine. hahaha! never will, i'm sure of that.

lately, gatal mulut nak tanya my mom, "how if i don't get married, at all?"
kang marah plak. or worst, kecik hati. hish. bosan lah leading life like this. cekya pun dah malas nak tengok my hp. i just keep it in my handbag. sedar-sedar ada miss call. i actually forgot that i DO have a handphone. hahahaha!

nak buat apa-apa pun dah malas.
anything. everything.

i guess it's a stupid idea to jot them all here. haihhh...!