Thursday, January 31, 2008


I smiled at her today.

She was curious.

But why?


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


kenapa ek?

i have this life, filled with SO many things to do. so many things to think about. so many things to be delivered. yet i just feel so empty.

aku rasa aku banyak benda to take care of. and my weekends are usually packed. dan aku rasa terlalu banyak benda tergendala yang aku tak ada rasa nak buat. rasa sangat kosong. zero. yillek.


kenapa ek?

time yang crucial macam ni, aku lembik. malas nak handle masalah. malas nak selesaikan kerja-kerja yang tergendala. aku, kalau boleh tak nak fikir apa-apa. in fact, aku rasa macam tak nak ada kena mengena dengan life aku yang sekarang ni.

pelik? mengada? cakap la apa pun. it's your call to judge and it's me dealing with my life. obviously not you. so, shut off! ahh...that feels good. hehe.

how i wish, i can be THAT spontaneous. and having the guts.

kalau bengang dengan colleague who complaints alot about her workload, i wish i could blast off and say something spicy, like these;

"ello cik kepoci, you're talking as if no one in this room is working" or

"you're talking as if we're not tired" or

"you're talking as if you didn't surf those forum rooms whenever you have no work to do!"

"you're talking and i know your puny brain is functioning and you blabber all day long but say NOTHING, catch ma drift??!!"



all that, was last week. i'm a little sober. ada a few kerja yang dah gerak. and the fact that there are more things to do, didn't trigger any emotional distress. alhamdulillah.

my colleague, she's still the same. same 'ol, same 'ol. siap bagi announcement. dia tak layak lagi untuk handle meeting preparation. ada banyak lagi important stuff to do. eh? kerja simple maa. takkan tak boleh buat sendiri. tak salah rasanya, kan? anda juga pernah berada di bawah.

but anyway, tentang kerja2 yang terbengkalai, rasanya kena buat listing la. and to divide them into two. work. job.

work ++ kerja2 office yang bertambah sejak akhir2 nih.

job ++ artwork2 dan kerja2 photography yang liat hendak disiapkan. [ada yang dah selesai. amin.]

untuk 2 weekends yang akan datang, i'll not be in town. akan ke PD untuk a small family day with my colleagues, kira cuti-cuti bikin sendiri.[this one contributed to my headache. ada yang complaint2, rate bilik mahal. 2-3 kali cekya downgrade bilik. dia agree. kelmarin dia hantar email, tak jadi pergi. ada hal family. family comes first katanya.citt podah!]

and on chinese new year, ada trip ke perak, an engagement to shoot. kerja-kerja-kerja.

itu aje kot update buat masa ni.

till later!

love, cekya

Friday, January 04, 2008

kau teramat sempurna...

salam all!

it's weekend again. yey! 

tanpa disedari, i've got plans for this weekend. it's not line me who has made the arrangements by mommy dearest. adeh!

saturday, tahlil as usual. i've invited few close friends, like the usuals.
sunday, mommy dearest has made an appointment, meeting a friend at a mall nearby. it seems that that friend of hers ada kedai perabut jati or something like that, so nak pergi and insisted that i escort her. kak yati's sleeping over after the tahlil so she'll be tagging along[thank God!]. ada la orang nak layan mommy dearest. hehehehehe!!

i've got loads of work tak abes lagi. argh i'm going mad!!!! at least ada 1 kerja settle petang tadi. need to manage my time elok-elok from now on.

and, i've made a point to come as early as i can to the office. kira before 9 kena ada kat office. i'm always late. tak la lambat, around 5-10 mins tapi rasa tak best la when everybody dah ada kat cubicle masing-masing.

oh! i've got some pretty pictures of kak yati taken in tmn botani. will definitely post it here when i have the time. tungguuuu....hehehehe.....

lotsa love,

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

here comes another year...


wow. it's 2008. and i was in bed, snuggling comfortably under the blanket when the clock striked 12. and i received lotsa wishes. thanx. tak terbalas rasanya.sebabnya, baca sms the next morning which i think was a bit too late. hehe!

apa pun, i hoped for the best, for all of us. jadikan 2008 bagai bayi yang baru lahir, macam kain putih, that we can put colours and giltters on it!

take care peeps!

lotsa love, cekya.