Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

a free but not so free weekend..hahaha!

i started off my weekend kinda late. malam semalam tido at about 5am. at first, tampal gambar in the album, sort them before doing it. pening gak but i just love it. hahahaha....my mom even helped. she said suka pulak dia tengok susun gambar. then i continued watching tv. sedar-sedar dah pukul 5. and this, morning. terjaga awal and i can't put myself back to bed. so here i am, surfing! hehehehe....

remember i told you guys about the wedding i shoot, not with passion and i felt that the pictures were not satisfying. well, the prints turned out ok, alhamdulillah. i truly hoped they liked it. i really wanted to show you guys in redmedia's webpage and the couple are not comfortable of us putting up their pictures, their faces. here's just one of the picture, far from their faces, hehehehe;

i have a wedding to attend today, and tomorrow nite. yey!! at last, going to a wedding without pressure! hahahah...it's ahmad's reception. ingat lagi tak kat ahmad, my best buddy..? well he was upset that i wasn't there for his nikah and make me go to his reception, one in shah alam, and another one kat dewan in kl. geeee ahmad, berapa reception daaaa???!!!

but anyway, i'm gonna head for the wedding at about 12, it's 10 and i haven't had my shower! thehehehehe...gotta go guys!
have a great, great weekend. have i mention great? heheheh....


Wednesday, August 09, 2006



lama cekya diam since kejadian amok dalam blog nih. hahaha....amuk tu dah hilang, cuma still rasa sebal of what had happen. bila teringatkan perkara & orang-orang yang terbabit sama dalam kejadian tu, hati rasa marah, tak tenteram dibuatnya. tapi sebab cekya ada job wedding last weekend, i had to let go and buat bodoh. my confidence to shoot was really dropping that friday. rasa nervous nak snap pictures. and rasanya, cekya masih tak dapat nak get over the inferiority complex of meeting new people. going to weddings, i mean untuk amik gambar, requires you to be extra friendly, extra nice and gotta actually TALK to people.

so, bila dicampur-campur, memang bergelodak la isi perut nih. rasa nervous, marah dgn kejadian hari tu and the need to be extra friendly with the silly inferiority complex membeli belah yang ntah apa-apa tu, i did the shoot. i was not satisfied of the pictures. macam ada yang missing.

the passion. oleh kerana sebab-sebab yang tak elok tu, i've lost my passion that day. the pictures taken are ok. tapi tu lah...i hope my mood will improve in 2 weeks to come coz we're having another wedding on the 20th.

i know i can do it but it's not showing in my picture...:(

sekarang ni pun, cekya masih lagi rasa tak seronok dengan what actually happen last week. rasa bodoh tu still terasa. bila fikir-fikir, terus terdetik,"alahaiii...bodohnya aku!"

emm cekya dengar ada orang singapre nak turun KL next week. wtl, please inform me of any meetings. would wanna join you guys for a drink.

so, till later...take care!

p/s : the above picture was taken for a contest, entitled malaysian heritage. cekya amik gambar ni 2 weeks back. it's my mom's tempat bakar kuih cara or kuih bakar. and the tikar mengkuang, an old one. hehehehe