Friday, July 24, 2009


i posted a story about a friend, a brother, a colleague once here about his sudden heart attack, or was it 'cardiac arrest'?

that story crossed my mind when i heard the brilliant director, yasmin ahmad's condition this evening. at about 5pm, some said that she has passed. alhamdulillah, it was totally a hoax, and some are actually spreading them, which bothered me so much!

i seeked news throughout the internet, and The Star gave me the whole truth. she had the same situation that cek man faced. alhamdulillah, cek man is up and about, and his health is just excellent! i pray, that yasmin would fight this, and insya-Allah, will recover, the soonest!

love, cekya.

update : yasmin left us all on saturday nite, at about 11.30pm. may Allah bless her soul. al-fatihah. :-(

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

and the hunt begins...

salam all...

received a call from a job agency, wanting to see me tomorrow, as he thinks that my experience fits the job i applied yesterday.

so i'm off for an appointment tomorrow at about 11am.

i'm nervous. or not. not so sure about it. it feels different when going off for an interview when i was 22. :D i was shaken.

i'm cool. but a little nervous. i'm only human.

love y'all. pray for me.

love, cekya.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


salam all!

wow. it has been a year. well, almost. so many things have changed, losing something, gaining some again, meeting new ones, forgetting bad ones, rekindling old ones, it's just like a set of a never-ending tv series. i wanted to stop blogging and just close this little 'space' of mine. besides, the craze of facebook is just too good to ignore!

kak yati said no. she said that one day, i might wanna write again, expressing the unexpressed. which this blog, IS the place, i must admit. :)

so, insya-Allah, i wanna start writing again, to keep me sane, that's for sure. :)

love, cekya.

p/s: i so miss the blogsahabats. :(