Thursday, February 23, 2006

last nite...

i had dinner at secret recipe last nite to celebrate cek julie's birthday. and when i reached home, i thought, damn! why didn't we bring her to swensen's?? it'll be something new to them coz tak pernah lepak kat swensen's with the gurls. but anyway, below are some pictures of the birthday girl, ending her 22nd february, her day.
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but somethin striked her that she said, it has just spoil her day. what a way to end something so sweet. well gurl, you deserve a whole lot better, don't think about it too much, alrite?

it'll be a busy day, with 2 big meetings. later alligators.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

colours...of balloons..

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i've been having dreamless sleeps lately. was being blardy tired that i'll sleep in at about 8pm, right after maghrib and will wake up at about 1am, then will be back in bed at about 3am. it's been 4 nites and still counting. hahahaha!! i guess i'm wearing off, with all the occasions, and work, of course.

there were so much of assignments and new things that i got a bad headache yesterday. with work so tied up and also some personal issues, i just wanna sleep everything off.

despite my poor sense of smell, due to the nose-block, i can smell someone's odour coz i remembered the odour clearly. and i miss that person. i can smell it everywhere. it's just too freaky. i have the face in my books, on my screen, on the skies(if i was shooting the clouds-lah) and when i'm day-dreaming on the lrt, on my way home. it's just so sickening at times.

it's just so terrible, missing someone that you will not have. not in a million years.

take care people.

Monday, February 20, 2006

weekend - saturday..


i had a busy weekend. and it was hot! sekarang ni pun cekya tengah sakit kepala. pening berjangkit dengan tatot. anyways, cekya pi majlis cukur jambul my cousin's daughter,baby allegra aisya, somewhere in shah alam. here are some pictures i took. you can view the rest of the pictures at my fotopages...
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never been to a cukur jambul as grand as allegra's. she was a good girl that day. tak nangis, tak meragam. i guess she was captivated by the huge crowd. she's such a charmer!
till later guys!


Friday, February 17, 2006

i've been tagged...


been tagged for so many times and i guess, if the last one, tagged by zuhri, i'm dead now, and painfully, so to speak, coz i didn't do it.

i'm just so excited about the handbag thingy and snapped some pictures using the company's digicam to snap the pictures and my camera would be included in the photo session. hehehehe!
here goes;
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we can always regard this pink handbag of mine as handbag raya. bought it at one utama, half priced. wuhuhuhuhu! and the content of the they are;
Image hosting by Photobucket
surprisingly, tak ada lah bersepah sangat. no sampah at all! bag nih equipped dengan auto cleaning system ke? hahahahaha...but anyway, let me tell you what are the stuff eh;

1 ) the brown purse : my money, related and unrelated cards along with stashes of old receipts.
2 ) my panasonic lumix, with it's tripod. just a small chap. i just dumped it in my bag.
3 ) key : not to my heart but my house, department, the server room and drawers which i hardly use.
4 ) my creative muvo mp3 player : i really need this on my long journey home by the lrt.
5 ) extra AAA battery for the mp3 player.
6 ) buku simpanan tabung haji. dah lunyai seh! nyiahahahaha!!
7 ) tissue : baru je letak tissue coz i had flu since tuesday. i wouldn't wanna kesat my phlegm on my tudung, wouldn't i? hehehe!
8) ubat : ventolin-asthma pills, panadol actifast & medicines from my visit to the doctor the other day.

9) my monthly travel card-lrt : must have.
10) my nokia 7200. it's not in the picture. pi lunch kot. hehehe!

so, there they are. top 10, in my pink handbag!

gotta go and prepare the finalise thingy on the website. later darlings!

Monday, February 13, 2006



i was looking forward to go out on a snapping mission somewhere around central market & petaling street. unfortunately, i have very very very disrupted mind and uneasy heart on that day itself. not wanting to upset myself more and to frustrate a friend that i've promised to have a day out with her, off i went to shoot both places. and as a result, the pictures turned crappy! annoying! and i was so disappointed. i guess what some people say is true. it's your feelings that is the most important coz when emotions changed place with passion, you're screwed. i was! deng! here are some pictures;
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and sunday, went to movies with tatot. pegi tengok wayang, then balik. wakakakakaka! fun with dick & jane was fun, indeed. then petang, went to giant mall to buy a few stuff and it rained the whole evening. i tried to sleep but failed. heran ek?

but after maghrib, cekya terlelap and i woke up at about 11. owh! best sangat, sangat!

sleep time, is the best time, as i don't remember anything. i wouldn't have to think on what's happening. i don't have to cry whenever the problems i'm having kept pestering my brains.

gotta go guys.

p / s: congratulations to ligo for the birth of her baby boy. sorang snow, sorang lagi apa yek? sunny? hehehehe...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

i believe so..

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[picture taken on my way to the office]


at this moment, i have mixed feelings. ada good stuff. ada bad things as well.
about the uncertainty, i've talked thru orang yang berkenaan, i guess the uncertainty can be delayed to another time. i suppose, by doing just that, sit and talk, i might not feel uncertain anymore, at all. i'm relieved.

at the same time, i'm just so worried about work. projects within my control, i can handle that. but things conducted by third parties, who am i to intrude? and the upper-level management is pushing for it. creepy. some so called corporate people wants a multimedia full flash ala spongebob's webbie? i mean, how weird is that? well that's what they want and developer aren't helping me out. i need to decide on the design next week and start scheduling for contents and images soonest as i can start the new project scheduled in my KPI.

apa lagi? owh i got 2 offers to be the photographer for weddings. i'm not good. i can't take it but the money..owhh!!!!!
i just can't decide yet. or can i just forget the whole thingy? entah la. torn between money and capabilities.

owh it's 8pm. gotta go.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006 uncertainty!

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sometimes, decisions are made instantly.
and for some, it needs time to ponder the matter, solutions, as well as the consequences.
and when consequences are taken into consideration, solutions will always be changing, time to time.
this is where uncertainty will come in. when we're uncertain about things, we'll be terrified, worried, have sweaty palms all the time, less sleep, increasing level of tears and loads of sighing.
why am i so uncertain?
i wish time can tell.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

been a while.


it's been a while that i really write.

i used to write about my daily trips to the office.
how kampung baru folks fascinate me in the morning.
how lrt rides can be so annoying. i even pitam on one of the mornings. my vision blackened and frankly, i don't really know my steps anymore, at that time. i simply walk and alhamdulillah, my officemate saw me cat-walking. the mabuk cat walk.
how nice the roti canai and karipap sardin are.
how i spent my time after office. it's either klcc, or maju junction. or better, chow kit's 7-11.

and when i go holidays, i'll write each and every detail of it. from the journey, what i did, what i eat along with photos - a very very important part of it.
it's just fun and the fun it's not there anymore.

don't i have things to tell anymore? don't i have a life to be typed here. i love writing. i'll scribble my notebooks, my small notepad in my bag. on what i feel at that moment. on things that are happening in my life.

owh i have so much to do in the office. the KPI, gotta submit it tomorrow. i haven't done a scratch. i have a table. an empty one. i just don't know where to start. i kept staring on my screen since afternoon. i might be cracking my head again tonite. besides yacking and bull-sh*tting on my key areas, i might be thinking about my current problems.

it's just so frustrating if i'm not able to do anything about it. yeah i can settle it but not immediately and THAT, just frustrates me to bits!

and i'll have tears on my eyes whenever i talk about it.

it's 7pm. i promised myself to go home early today but i guess that didn't happen.
i guess i have to make my move now.

till later.wassalam.

Monday, February 06, 2006

seafood endeavor!


owh here i am in the office, once more. hahaha...i sounded bored and forced eh? well after waking up late nearly everyday, having to lepak-lepak or do window shopping, helped around the house and a trip to jb, kemalasan tu is still within me. yesterday, was freakin hot. ira & ika was at home and as usual, they love photography sessions;
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early in the morning, a friend of mine, irwan, asked if we could have lunch. owh ok. so off i went to klcc for a lunch treat. something that he has been promising. here's what we had;
Image hosting by Photobucket
it looks nice, it smells wonderful!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
i finished my portion and so did irwan!
Image hosting by Photobucket
a feedback card on the table to be filled in. funny lah!

and jaclyn's song won the juara lagu last nite. for the first time, in my life, that i didn't watch juara lagu. ntah. rasa it was not worth watching. i can't stand her voice since her first appearance though gemilang is a beautifully written i spent the time in the computer room, watching csi:vegas, the latest season. brilliant!

gotta go. later darlings!


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how was yours?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

have you been there?


just got back. JB was hot. tapi alhamdulillah, it rained a few times. and the heat's there again once hujan stop. but anyways, i get to visit JARO. it's a center for handicapped citizens, contributing their creativity in the crafts they produce. their workmanship was excellent. cekya yang alhamdulillah cukup sifat pun, rasanya tak dapat buat secantik yang diorang buat. rasa segan jugak coz i've never been there, felt like an uncaring person pulak. my mom said that she likes to go there when she's my age.

here are some pics;
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i bought their batu seremban and ajak mama cekya main. dia tamau. so i played alone. hikhikhikhik!!5 stones. should it be seremban stones?


p/s : more pictures coming!