Wednesday, August 29, 2007

alfie's school

comel kan, sekolah alfie? hehehe...

he'll be happy and energetic when it's time to go to school early in the morn. he got a classmate named lizzie. diorang akan berbual bla blu ble gu gu ga ga each morn masa arrive as well as masa balik sekolah. lawak la. bersahut-sahut macam orang tua berborak. hehehe...

and bila balik tu, alfie will look as tired as his daddy. nampak letih sangat. kesian dia. then ada a piece of paper given, macam daily report. ada details on how much milk did he take, food for lunch, snacks. berapa kali wet & soil. and what makes him laugh or cry. active ke tak. i mean it's a good record for parents. i'm not sure about singapore tapi cekya tak pernah plak nampak nursery here in malaysia buat macam tu. at that point, rasa nak bukak nursery jek. hehehehe....!

nurseries in the uk, in brighton to be precise, ranges between 20-40 pounds a day. yes. realllly expensive. alfie's nursery's 38 pounds a day. he'll be sent to the nursery 3 times a week[that's when my auntie works.]. kalikan ajelah...
that's 456 pounds a month.

mahal ek. haihhh...lucky alfie.

Monday, August 27, 2007

lelaki itu...

salam people!!

it's been helluva week. it was hot. the heat i can't really take. i took some wedding pictures on saturday together with awan. ikut wtl, it was her colleague's brother's wedding. the pictures are at


lately, i've been crazy over anuar zain's latest single, lelaki ini. absolutely amazing. he really knows his listeners. but anyway, cekya bukan nak cerita pasal anuar.

it's about somebody i know. knew.
he adores anuar. his songs. his voice. his musical involvement, basically. not men-men attraction yea. hehehe...

i remembered, we bet, who's gonna get his cd first.
i got back that day with anuar's second album in my bag and called him when i reached home.
his words was;
"oh my god, did u hear the 6th song. it has this bla bla bla touch"
"goodness, his voice!"
"i like track 8 the most. what do you think?"
"i dah tak nampak sapa2 lagi nyanyi lagi best."[mawi wasn't in the picture at that time but i'm willing to bet that he'll pick anuar, still.]
and we could have lengthy conversation about each song in the album. till dawn, ok? no joke. he stays up just to talk and pick fights with me. all about anuar. hehehe... and being in the entertainment industry, he knows better! sheesh!

i missed having in-depth conversations with him. exchange of ideas. not only about anuar. about stuff. it feels good to have great conversation, being heard, getting annoyed[but i have gotta admit, i enjoyed it!].

i wonder how he's doing now. i would like to know if he's found the happiness that he's been searching for.
i wonder if the 'wounds' has been taken care of, or it's still there.

i saw him few months back, but from far. watching him from far.
he looks good. fresh cheeks.

hey but who knows. deep down inside, he's hurting, all over again. i just knew, nampak mata dia...emmm tak ada sparkle.

well my friend, i hoped you have what you want in life. you would laugh your heart out, like you did that nite. always always!

i missed you and will always pray for you. and remembers you whenever they have anuar's number playin'! and i hoped you'll remember me, bila dengar any anuar zain's songs. ;)

love, cekya

Thursday, August 23, 2007


ku mencintaimu lebih dari apapun
meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tau
ku mencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku
ungu :: kekasih gelapku

Monday, August 20, 2007

some pictures...

salam people!

i'm swamped with work. there are so much things to be done.
here are some pictures. I'll write something later. busy la plak.

love, cekya.

Friday, August 10, 2007

jet lag...


i hope everybody's fine. seronok rasanya dapat jejak bumi malaysia after 18 days of being away. lama jugak la yea? cekya rasa cam sikit jek amik cuti.
but anyways, the trip was tiring, to be frank, tapi memang best.

rasa macam terlalu banyak nak cerita but i guess i should do like series macam cekmi la kot. hehehe...

tapi, yang buat cekya happy sekali is this young handsome lad.

mommy dia dah sibuk suruh dia jadik macam thierry henry la, lewis hamilton la. oh yes, alfie nih memang manja betol dengan mommy dia. kalau mood baik, ok la. kalau tengah angin, asyik nak bergayut kat mommy dia jek. but most of the time, he's fine. comel sangat rasa nak telan. i even gigit his plump cheeks. geram punya pasal. dah pandai tertonggeng-tonggeng nak bangun berdiri and nak start jalan. he has not even mastered his crawling. hahaha...

this time, cerita alfie, next, will be the pictures i took and stories about the lavish london and brighty brighton!

take care people. wanna get some sleep. sleepy head, i am.

love, cekya.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

london & brighton


it's been great 10 days. i've been walking most of the days, wandering around london, as well as brighton.

hoped everyone's well.

love, cekya.

updates :: 010807
i'm still in the uk, will be back in a week's time. sorry la kalau tersilap faham dgn entry cekya nih. hehehehe.... ;)