Wednesday, April 30, 2008

twiddle dee!


may's gonna be a tiring month, which i look forward too. but can't stop thinking about the events that has been lined up for me and the team. it's mind boggling and making me nervous!

just for me, a quick mental note;

3rd may - wedding dinner reception @ dewan perdana felda
4th may - wedding reception @ ulu langat, outdoor shoot @ putrajaya
10th may - engagement @ dengkil
14th & 16th may - event @ impiana hotel
23rd, 24th, 31st may & 7th june - my brother's wedding
8th june - birthday party @ kelana mahkota

i'm drained. adeh!

office is getting ridiculous. with work, the people. rasa macam apa ntah. rasanya resolution untuk datang awal early this year, tak mendatangkan hasil. demotivated. macam nih agaknya rasa demotivated. sigh!

i need multivitamins.

love, cekya.

Monday, April 28, 2008

walimatul urus...


would like to invite all of you to my brother's wedding,

on the 31st of May 2008, 12pm - 4pm.

love, cekya.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a little update...


firstly, i wanna say thanx to all the well wishers. and also all the doas. thank you so much for praying for the little girls, as well as doas for my arwah auntie.

here are some pictures of the girls, taken 2 days ago, at pantai medical center.

here's ira...she's the active one. jalan ke sana ke mari...

and this is ika. she's still in bed, tak dapat bangun sangat coz her left wrist & arms patah.

and this is my little mai. she's so cheeky. pandai bebel2!

again, thanx for all the doas, friends.

love, cekya.

Friday, April 18, 2008

aku, mereka dan flu.

sneeze-sneeze here,
sneeze-sneeze there,

sneeze here,
sneeze there,

everywhere sneeze-sneeze!

lagu di atas, ditujukan pada wtl & biah, and to me too. sila nyanyi ikut tempo lagu paling lama berada di carta time kita kecik dulu - old mcdonald. huhuhu!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh oww sheila!

i was just speechless. mesmerised, to be precise.

i had the best lunch ever, and i just ate a little coz of my sorethroat & flu.

Monday, April 14, 2008

multinational handbag!

an american brand...
a korean product...
a hot selling item in malaysia...

i just had to buy it. huhuhuhu!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

being remembered.


it was amazing. felt like jumping up the stage and just follow their dancing steps. truly amazing.

tapi. satu lagi yang sangat-sangat similar dengan apa yang ada dalam fikiran cekya, p ramlee was so critical of what and how he would be remembered.

i always think of what people would feel if i'm no longer alive. how would i be remembered. would they be grieving. or laugh at my antics, when remembered. if remembered. or talk about my habits and stuff, when remembered. if remembered.

p ramlee had his tough time with the media. with public, when all the glamours and glitters were fading.

and i'll always cry after visualising all that.
because. macam selalu.
manusia, akan selalu diingati, and appreciated, when they are no longer alive, to watch and listen.
no longer breathing, to know that they are appreciated.
that's a bit too late. don't you think?

sad but true.

love, cekya.

Monday, April 07, 2008

exhausting weekend, ladies & gentlemen!

yowww peopleee!

did you guys know that weekend has another meaning. exhaustion. i was so tired, all i think was my bed, sleep and the air-conditioner. and it was fuming hot too. i had a majlis cukur jambul to shoot on saturday. we were there from 10am to 2pm. it was this little angel's day, eizatt mohd jasni. he's a premature baby born on the 35th week but he's just so strong. welcome, baby eizatt!

when we came back, i had a little discussion on with kak yati & awan. we have finalised on certain things to be implemented in the website.
then i just go straigth to my room and zzzz, while kak yati was trying to download ps i love you. hehehe....then came the other girls for my family's monthly tahlil. here's a photo took by kak yati of us. macam gile jek. memang crazy pun. but not crazylogicpopstar seperti rene, okay!

and on sunday, i brought my mom shopping @ klcc. she needed to find a pair of shoes for my brother's reception @ saloma bistro. and i bought this dinner pouch for the event. dapat juga akhirnya. it's just so practical, i can like hang it on my wrist and it'll be easier for me to hold my camera. huhuhu!

and i bought 2 t-shirts for alfie. hehehe...

sekian saja, cerita weekend yang double P > panas & penat. hikhikhik!

love, cekya.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


aku pelik, kenapa kau carik pasal dengan aku. kau sendiri kata tak mungkin mahu hubungi aku lagi. ni kau hantar pesan di yahoo! pada aku, maki-maki sebab aku lambat jawab pertanyaan kau.


takpelah. terima kasih. manis bunyi makian2 kau tu. sweet like chocolate. bak alunan gamelan.
oh ya. tak perlu msg aku lagi. kau dlm ignore list.

friends, click to this song. memang best!