Tuesday, April 26, 2005

cekya busy?biar betik!


me feeling down. that time of the month kot. so i talk less these few days. and sleep in early last nite. terjaga around 10 coz my auntie called to confirm about our trip to jb. pastu terus takleh tido semula. terkebil-kebil till 3 a.m. deng! and pagi ni, dengan mata mengantuk, pi office and i had to do a few things for my boss. he's outstation so i gotta send some info over to him for system setup. adeh la! meja pun dah serabut.
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huhu! busy la sangattt...hahahah...quite busy jugak. kena settlekan a few things before i go on leave khamis ni. yup! cuti lagik. bukan sengaja. gotta escort my auntie balik johor to settle a few matters. i'll be going back by train, rabu malam. memang kroh! kroh! jek la dalam train. my auntie bought berth spaces so tak ada la duduk sepanjang masa. we get to sleep and baring properly. yahooo!! dah lama tak naik train and tak pernah beli tiket berth. heheh...terlebih excited la plak. cam bebudaQs. hikhikhikhik...

gotta go. till later! daa!

Monday, April 25, 2005

tentang kutcher!


hi people..i went thru a hot and long weekend! read away-if you want to. hehehehe!

20th april – evening.
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the dinner went well. i get to talk to a few of the senior lecturer and some of the officers from uel. the prospect of furthering and working in uk is huge and talking to them makes me wanna go and settle down kat uk. hikhikhik...anyways, the bad thing was, cekya nyaris accident when i was on the way to the dinner kat lake garden. a car nyaris rammed onto my car. alhamdulillah, cekya tekan minyak and the hyundai missed my car by a few seconds. masa tu cekya dah menggigil and my friends were shouting in the car. i turned right kat traffic light and a car from the other side started moving eventhough the lights were still red. adeh la. bodohnya. nak marah-marah pun tak tercakap coz we were all shocked.again, alhamdulillah, me, my friends and of course the car, tak apa-apa...kalau tak...*sigh*

21st april
Image hosted by Photobucket.competang sikit, i gathered with my friends and went for a movie. guess who! best gak cerita nih. hilarious betul. ada gak part yang cekya sorang aje gelak. double meaning, only notty minds jek yang dapat pick-up kot...hikhikhikhik...starring bernie mac and ashton kutcher. it’s about a father who thinks that no man is good enough for his daughter. things got complicated when he made things difficult for kutcher. go watch. a light and fun comedy.

22nd april
i took leave and head for airport at about 730am. fetched my aunt who has been in uk since 2 years back. she got married there and came home for some things to be sorted out. i got 6 pieces of nice office shirts. most of ‘em in pink. huhuhuhu...yyeyyyyy!!!hikhikhiikk...then i took ira & ika naik lrt and went to klcc. adeh la..diorang dok nyanyi lagu London bridge, punyalah kuat. Kalau kuat tu, ok lagik, lirik pun main hentam. hahaha...orang dok tengok sambil senyum-senyum. sabo ajelah. hikhikhikhik...

23rd april
me and my family received a sad news. my second cousin’s daughter passed away. she met with an accident not far from her house. yang sedih sangat tu, she has packed her clothes and siap pesan kat mak dia to give away those baju to anak yatim. and all of her pictures were not in the house. tak tahu la mana arwah buang or simpan all of her pictures. even passport picture pada students card dia pun dia kopek and no where to be found. the whole family would be missing her dearly..

24th april
Image hosted by Photobucket.comgot myself grilled at home. even if it rained petang semalam, i still sweat. adeh!! and i get to watch the butterfly effect. dah lama cekya carik cd cerita ni, and i bought it last week, baru la dapat tengok. it’s a sci-fi thriller. confusing sket at first but we bila dah collect the bits and pieces, barulah faham. it’s about evan trebhorn (kutcher, again!) whom has had a tough life. his father was a mental patient, he suffered from his own blackouts, was molested as a boy, participated in disastrous vandalism as a teen and became a victim of teen violence. just when he thinks he’s better, he reads an old diary and has a flashback. memang best. tengok kat rumah pun asyik terperanjat. kalau tengok kat cinema, tatau la! hikhikhik...

and my bro got a 'tentang dia' punya preview and he didn't go. rugi! apparently, you gotta have a student card to enter the preview kat akademi seni kebangsaan. it was just for students only. ceh. jenuh la cekya nak korek balik student ID. hahahaha...

well, that's about it. panjangnya! i can see that i've missed some of you guys' entries. i might be spending the day, reading your blogs. hehehe... sungguh bosan nak kerja hari ni! hehehe...

take care darling. bye!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

terlebih atau terkurang?


a beautiful morning.

it was rough last nite. have you ever felt so angry that your heart beats fast? faster than your breathing? sampai pagi ni pun, dada cekya rasa sakit. berdenyut sebab terlampau marah. being rude is not my kinda thing. and i'm dumb enough not to balas balik other people's rudeness. it's just not me. tak reti. so i kept quiet, punched my room's walls and had a long cold bath to ease my anger. still, i was still mad. and i end up crying till i fall asleep. and kept saying how stupid i was not to say things back and be in control in the conversation.
he picked me up at the lrt, bawak kereta cekya. and he has this habit to sms while driving. yes, SMS.

so dalam kereta, i said to him;

"tak boleh ke tunggu sampai rumah, then awak sms ajelah..", with a tone so low as i don't wanna sound so annoyed.

"tak!!", uuhhh....THAT has got onto my nervesss!!! instead, i kept quiet.

i'm the eldest. supposedly, i can say anything i want. damn! why is it that he likes picking on me? apa la salah cekya dengan dia. and being mommy's favourite, i wouldn't say much.

rasanya, sebab tu cekya banyak diam coz he likes to mengadu. at the age of 24 and yeah, he likes to mengadu. and i wouldn't want my mom to get upset over her baby's unchangeable attitude. he hates me, fine.

and i took my car to lrt this morning, parked and naik lrt to office. didn't bother to ask him to send me. and he's not gonna use my car for a very long time. enough said.

anyway, as i said, it was a beautiful morning. best jugak dok drive pagi-pagi, rushing with others, berebut tukar lane. hikhikhik...jangan ada yang carik pasal macam
wtl kena kelmarin, sudah lah!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

roti telur i had for breakfast! yummy!

pastu cekya ada appointment pulak from people from mimos. mamat tuh muka cam zizan la plak. jangan mare yea dek zuril. sungguh la comel.

tapi, comel-comel dia pun, tak dapat le melupakan apa yang my bro dah buat. letih pun ada. takperla. i'm just looking forward untuk petang ni. i'll be leaving early, ada alumni dinner petang ni kat royal lake club, tasik perdana.

nak balik and fetch my ex-collegemates. kemain korang yea. cekya gak yang dok menjemput. macam datin-datin gituk. hikhikhik...

take care guys!wassalam.

p/s : selamat bercuti maulidur rasul. moga Allah mengurniakan sifat sabar yang tidak berpenghujung buat cekya. macam Rasullullah S.A.W.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

alahai budak!


last nite, i went to one utama with a friend sebab she wanna buy herself a swimsuit(berkat hasutan cekya...hikhikhik), so i brought ira along since she was at our house and alone. ika followed her other auntie out. so ira was jolly happy and was mentioning barbie doll.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
lawa ek? eiii... geramnyer nengok dress nih! - courtesy from

cekya buat tak tahu jek. and she said she wanna go and buy 'barang barbie'. i kept ignoring her and tried distracting her from mentioning barbie. lepas kawan cekya dah bayar and all, she mentioned about it again and dok tarik tangan cekya nak pi toys department. she got everything about barbie dolls, ok? dari kereta, ke kitchen stuff, gobok la. macam-macam. and yet she still wants some more.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is the malaysian doll. tapi dah stop production. comel ek? hikhikhik - courtesy of

bila dah cekya kata "no","tunggu birthday" and start heading for the car park, dia dah start cebikkan bibir 90 darjah and nangis. ceh! meraung pulak tu. adeh letihnya! rasanya we did not mention or umpan dia with toys or anything. just ajak ikut jek. then bila orang dah tak layan lagi, u she kept quite tapi airmata kasih still menitis ah. double adeh! hikhikhik...

my friend said; "alahai..kalau kita kawin, ada anak esok, cemana la yea....letihnyer nak melayan..."

a'ah la. cekya tak reti nak pujuk and tak reti nak marah coz ira's 6 years old. she fully understands dan dapat menangkis any reasons that we gave her. kalau ikut ada duit, i might go to that barbie's place and buy her something, tapi memandangkan gaji tak masuk lagi, i had to see her cry. *sigh* i can't imagine you guys yang dah jadi parents, try to keep your kids in control.

as for me, i just have one barbie doll masa kecik. and a teddy bear. lain dari tu. memang tak ada. my parents tak manja-manjakan dengan dolls. itu pun, orang yang bagik. pastu bila dah besar sket, when i was 7-8, pi main kat rumah neighbour. he got barbie, dengan kent, with the playhouse and also the car. besh wooo...hikhikhik....yes, the friend of mine is a HE. hehehe...and now, he's a lawyer. kelakar la bila ingat-ingat balik. we always tease him bila main volleyball kat padang depan rumah. masa nak serve bola tu. alahai... liuk lentuk body dia. bila dia tengok we're laughing at him, dia terus campak bola and run home. kesian kat dia. sungguh jahat kami-kami orang!hikhikhik... but he's a nice guy. baik sangat..;) tak lokek share main barbie doll... huhuhu

uiks dah panjang berjela pulak. gotta stop here. i'm hungry! tak lunch coz i had to settle some workstations with viruses tadi.

till tomorrow, insya-Allah!

Monday, April 18, 2005

between my eyes...

losing a love so dear
it's just so painful
knowing that it's not mine
accepting that it will not be
yet wanting it near my heart

shall i fold myself
and be quiet
and treasure the loneliness
feeling the absurdity
yet getting senses in my wretched mind

emerging into a dungeon of sadness
oh i can't afford that
i don't wanna face that
not anymore
not ever
not again!


~cati CETI citi coti cuti~


today, after a year, cekya decided untuk mintak balik some cash yang cekya pinjamkan to someone. amount tu tak adalah banyak sangat but to me, it's still money and it's mine. cekya ada sebutkan hal ni to that person sebulan yang lalu and this was the reply;

"sebelum i mati, i akan bayar duit you.."

erk. sungguh general sekali statementnya! tak apalah. cekya diamkan dan berkawan macam biasa dengan dia. this morning, cekya tergerak nak tanya lagi. i had to pay a few things and bila mengenangkan cekya dah bagi peluang pada dia untuk kumpul duit to pay me back, i had to ask.

and to my frustration, the money's still not there. bayangkan, dalam jangka masa setahun lebih tu, dia berkahwin(without telling me..ada pulak duit nak kahwin, yea?) and i suppose banyak lagi yang dia spend, dia takleh nak bayar duit cekya yang seciput tu. sedihnya.

cekya tulis ni bukan to show off that i have loads of money to give away dan betapa baiknya cekya sebab pinjamkan orang duit tapi my frustration when trust is betrayed here. and i end up being tight with my financials due to these people yang manis mulut bila nak pinjam.

if i have that much money, i'll just give it away, not wanting them to pay me back. entahlah. ada orang cakap, takyah baik sangat dengan orang. tapi, we're just human. kita ada rasa simpati bila orang susah. and at that point, i was thinking, maybe ini hari dia and he/she ought to have my share of rezeki. tapi, bila tiba masa untuk bayar balik, people take it for granted.

bukan kita nak suruh dia bayar lump sum. sikit-sikit pun tak apa. tapi, i got nothing.

some people just not worth the help and care we gave 'em.

sad but true.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

untuk kita duduk berdua...


hari ini, cekya sungguh notty. hikhikhik...

around 9, masa tu baru masuk office, my colleague dari legal department, ajak temankan pi putrajaya. sheesh! besh tu! hahahaha....mengular. sudahlah masuk office terlewat, berjalan la pulak! huhuhuhu...cekya cakap kat boss, dia pun angguk jek. teman la konon. lepak dalam kereta, bagi instruction where to belok and where to park. hikhikhikhik...we went to jabatan perdana menteri,so the view was so WOW!!! sudah la tak bawak camera, my hp's camera plak takleh guna. battery dah low. cheh!! rugi yang amats...

tapi cekya rasa la kan. putrajaya nih terlalu besar. i notice there are so much space yang tak digunakan. kiranya bangunan dia tak fully-utilised. kalau gitu gaya, membazir la plak namanya. dan dia punya panas. alahai...kalau rasa-rasa nak pi situ pakai blazer, ada lebih baik takyah. kurung cekya abeh lencun. panas wooo...uwaaaa!!!

then, dah settle semua urusan, we got back and had lunch kat kedai belakang office. time tu perut cekya dah rasa semacam. memang dari malam semalam, asyik ulang alik ke toilet, tapi pagi ni, i thought everything was alrite. tetiba sakit balik. adeh la. then sekarang ni rasa lapar aje coz semua dah flush out. letih pun iyea jugak...:(

erk. i'm hungry!
nak pi find something to munch. later darlings!


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

monday blues..eh!tuesday blues..


i thought that it was monday! terlupa yang cekya took another day leave semalam. awal-awal dah bangun and i went to my ex-uni regional office @ president house, bukit bintang. they're organising an alumni dinner for malaysian students on the 20th and i went there to pay for the dinner tickets. and they gave me uni's car stickers, squeeze balls and paper bags. beshnyer!! and i took my own sweet time going thru the latest prospectus for postgraduates courses. bila flip thru the booklet, rasa macam seronok je. rasa macam nak ke sana lagi. how i wish.

then pi round-round isetan, kalau-kalau ada long black dress for the dinner tapi tak ada yang menarik. pastu i bought this malay movie cd-neon. my sis, zuril has mentioned about it to me months ago, baru la ni dapat beli. an interesting movie sebab there were 66 celebrities in the movie, kira masuk malaysia's guiness book of records la. best storyline dia. then i walked to sg wang plaza and brought 3 dvds. the pacifier, beauty shop and the butterfly effects. yup!! been wanting to watch butterfly effects for like monthssss....

one thing about sg wang plaza, cekya senang menyesatkan diri la bila kat situ. kalau dengan jalan dengan member, ok pulak. rasa nak putus lutut coz i noticed i kept going in circles. tak jumpa jalan balik. eisk. i can't find the exit i came in, near the monorail's pedestrian walk. sabar ajelah. rasa nak meradang pun ada gak. eisk!!

and it was freaking hot! adui la...:( kalau tak kerana the tickets, i won't go out. lepak kat rumah jek!

not a very good day to wander around eh? have a great week guys.

p/s : ira & ika were so mad at me, balik dari pd kelmarin, they were punching, lompat on me, pinching me hard with their nails and picit my cheeks sambil tanya kenapa tak bawak diorang pi pd. and i replied with,"best tauuu.....auntie sue pegi laut, buat sand castle, mandi kat swimming pool, ada slide...swoooooshhhhh"...and ika punched me hard on my stomache. adeh!!!

tersekat nafas, kabur pandangan...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

dan terus menanti
bakal hadirkah dia

akan adakah dia
aku redha
dan aku akan hanya berdiam
hingga tiba masanya



Sunday, April 10, 2005

aveo's first long trip!


wow! it's sunday. and it's been 3 hours since i'm back from PD. fabulous time. good company. we had the resort all for ourselves. there were only like 3 rooms occupied. the place is affordable. you get quite cheap rates at kayns resort! cekya pun terperanjat jugak bila dengar price per night. maybe you guys wanna try this place out. privacy sangat-sangat. it's located at batu 9, teluk kemang.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
kayns resort@www.kolejnegeri.com.my/krh.htm

kayns resort is actually a resort, handled by the states college students. macam intekma resort kat shah alam tu. the place is nice, the rooms are clean, the pool as well.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the pool was clean and we had fun splashing ourselves. best amatss... payah betul nak get out of the pool. hehehehe.....hantu air sungguh masing-masing. and i got 2 bruises. luka kat siku and another lebam kat tangan coz i was on the slide when i accidentally scratched meself kat batu along the slides. adeh!! luka! luka! pedih woooo!!! and one of us, cek ejot is not so keen to swim, so dia dok jerit-jerit from the balcony, suruh naik! hehehhe...and besides the pool, the sea was all ours as well!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the calm beach!

no one was on the beach. ok,ok...i exaggerated, a lil bit but memang tak ramai orang since friday. it was all ours. maybe because it's a working saturday and the waves was quite scary. maybe sebab musim hujan and all. talk about hujan, we had the most terrifying experience on friday night. angin kuat sangat. i guess tengah-tengah laut tengah ribut so yang kat darat nih, angin kuat! alhamdulillah it stopped at about 12 midnight. i had funny ideas dah tapi, again, alhamdulillah, nohting happened...

anyways, you guys wanna try the place out? here's the addres & contact number;
address: kayns resort, batu 9, jalan pantai, teluk kemang, port dickson
contact number: +606-6628575

have a weekend getaway! i had a great one! take care people...
and for those yang tinggal message on my haloscan, thanx so much. haloscan tengah down so i can't reply your messages.


p/s : ira & ika's mom kat hospital. waiting for labour. doakan the baby and mom sihat eh. thanx guys.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


spanglish was hilarious,however it has touched my heart, in a way. it's a mother-daughter type of story so more or less, it makes me a little sad. it's about flor, a mexican lady who talks little english, and work as a housekeeper to an american family to survive her & her daughter, christina's life in america.

i love the part when adam sandler, as john clarsky spend his time in the kitchen with flor, after he discovered about his wife's 11-weeks affair with the real estate guy. alamak beshnyer time dia kiss flor's dahi & both cheeks tu. and they snuggle up on the couch after dinner, and talk. bestnyaaa!! hikhikhikhik....


well today was hectic. banyak calls coming in. me alone. with 4 phones ringing. uwaaaa...letih betul! we've got problems kat miri & kemaman, and i'll be on leave tomorrow. nak buat cemana. dah apply cuti. and i've been planning the trip since forever! i won't wanna cancel it. me & 3 of my good friends would be heading to pd tomorrow, after zuhur. yuhuuuu...

rasa guilty jugak tapi tak apalah kot. let them settle whatever problems kat remote places and biarkan department tutup esok. hahahha....jahatnya cekya.

insya-Allah, i'll take pictures and we might see my fotopages alive again. errmm...i've got a link down there. just click away! hilarious la!

take care darlings! have a great weekend!wassalam.

italian english-italish? -->>

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

hari ini, sepatutnya....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


it's kinda cloudy outside. i have an appointment with me, myself and i after office. but i'm stucked with someone from the software vendor. he's fixing the database. and my 2 colleagues are not around. duh!

do i have to wait till late??uwaa...i badly wanna watch spanglish. i've booked the ticket and i have to go out of the office at 5. sharp. i truly wanna go and ease my mind. my emotions - sungguh tidak stable. i've to clean the black spot. makes me uncomfy. macam gambar tiles kat atas tu. i don't want it to stay that way. stucked to the wall. :(

and i wanna spend time in kinokuniya, looking into ALL books available. yes. ambitious. huhuhuhu....that's what i do when i'm down and emotionally disturbed. i go spend on books and cds, be it musical or any movies. i'm afraid, i might be spending senselessly later. duh!

and i got this sms today;

akak, nanti jgn lupa beli syampu.
belikan untuk bilik air blkg sekali.

adeh. now i'm the supplier for toiletries. my brothers care so much about their hair. yeah, they have thick and soft hair. and i guess they've been using more syampoo than i did. kalah akaknya nih hah. and guess who's the supplier for syampoo, including the conditioner(yeah!they use the conditioner as well) to treat their hair? yes. yours truly. duh!

uh! 3 'duh!'s in an entry. duh! ah? 4th duh! hikhikhik....

take care darlings.

bunga melur, sederhana...


it's exactly midnite when i was writing this entry. yeah it's late.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com i had the nicest laugh in the office and also during minum-minum session @ restoran nasi kandar kayu in ss2, with cek ejot & cek julie.i had a really kawww nescafe 'o' ice..huhuhuhu.i was actually waiting for the lrt when cek ejot called for the minum-minum session. and the weirdest thing happened when i was waiting for the lrt. one of the trains arrived and stopped. but the strange thing was, the doors on the platform, as well as the lrt were not opened. it just stopped there for a few second and continued it's journey.

i was like,"huh???what was that??"

entah la. lately, there were several problems i noticed about putra lrt and don't worry, i'm not gonna grumble about the problems. lagipun cekya memang rely penuh pada putra lrt to go to work, even go out jalan-jalan. it's easy. just so damn easy.

and i guess i had to much a laugh. i was upset when i get to know something will not be happening. i've waited for it to happen for almost a week, and tonite, i got to know that the plans for tomorrow were all cancelled. i was hurt, and i cried, of course(not sure why i'm such a cry baby. very mushy lembik. urgh!!) and i've talked to a dear friend about it. thanx tot.

i'm gonna be alone in the office till thursday. another 2 colleagues will be going to miri & kemaman respectively. i believe there will be so much to handle! wish me not having too much to do in the office coz i'm so in the mood to go for holidays these friday!wuhuuuu!hikhikhik...

nite-nite darlings!wassalam.

p/s : the title - bunga melur..coz i smell a strong scent of bunga melur from my neighbour's house. ermmm.....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

nyum! nyum! nyum!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ingredients :
~ a few slices of swiss roll – depends pada besar mana mangkuk yang you all nak gunakan.
~ 1 packet of serbuk agar-agar strawberry – mixed with water, ikut instruction kat kotak dia on how to mix it.
~ 1 cawan tepung custard
~ 6 cawan air
~ 1 cawan susu cair
~ gula secukup rasa
~ fresh strawberries
~ whipped cream (if available)

cara-caranya :
~ bancuh serbuk agar-agar dengan air. seelok-eloknya, ikut instruction pada kotak bungkusan agar-agar tu.
~ susun swiss roll dalam mangkuk sederhana lebar. make sure mangkuk tu tinggi sket coz we’re gonna have layers of jelly, custard & whipped cream.
~ curahkan bancuhan agar-agar ke dalam mangkuk yang berisi swiss roll. biarkan agar-agar tu keras. nak lebih cepat, letakkan mangkuk tu atas dulang yg berisi air.
~ sementara tu, bubuh tepung custard dalam periuk sederhana besar. masukkan air yang 6 cawan tu, and another cawan of susu cair. kacaukan rata. put sugar as you taste it. kalau suka manis, tambah gula lagi.
~ letak periuk atas dapur and bukak api sederhana besar. kacau sampai bancuhan tu pekat. this will take some time so u might wanna do it while watching sepet. (muahahahah…selit iklan sket!hhikhikhikhik)
~ bila dah pekat, sejukkan sekejap, say 15 minutes.
~ check your agar-agar. kalau dah keras, bolehlah bubuh bancuhan custard on top of it. level it nicely.
~ kalau ada whipped cream, spray it on top of the custard, ikut kreativiti sendiri.
~ then, arrange the strawberries, juga mengikut kreativiti sendiri. agak-agak tak kreatif, campak-campak aje. some funky look, eh? huhu!

sekian saja. make sure you all buat and paste the pics in your blogs eh. hikhikhik...

note : petua for your custard to look smooth and nice, make sure that sukatan airnya betul. if u have one cup of custard, put in 7 cups of liquid.doesn’t matter if it’s air, or susu cair. but make sure, it’s 1:7. ;) and for the strawberries, you can change it with kiwi, lychee or peach. anything that you like.

Monday, April 04, 2005

the final letter...:(

my darling orked,

God is answering my prayers. maggie has decided not to have the baby. she said she won’t destroy her future because of one stupid man. i guess that means me. orked, i don’t want to talk about her anymore. i want to talk about us. i tried to write you a poem in mandarin about you. i wanted to make u understand how i feel. but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t. i’ve tried for days. the more i wrote, the more empty my words sounded. at first, i felt panic. i couldn’t sleep for many nights. but then, the panic will go away everytime i saw your face. or just heard your voice. i used to write poetry because to me, it was like writing letters to God. to tell someone i couldn’t see, how i felt inside. then finally God replied. the poem, more beautiful than anything that i have ever written. he gave me you. you are my poetry from God, orked. let me hear your voice. please call me. i’ll be waiting. just call me, orked. so i can sleep peacefully again.

your sayang,

p/s : sorry guys if this letter is here. i can't help it. :(

Sunday, April 03, 2005

...wet sunday...


it's approximately 2257 hours. i'm watching 'sepet' for the 7th time on my dad's laptop while typing this.i guess i'm just addicted. just like a colleague who loves watching tollgate girl-the one with amy mastura & rashid salleh. huhuhu...

the tahlil yesterday was great. a small group je. my family, 2 of my aunties, my cousins, 2 of my friends and these cheeky young ladies;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ira & ika!

anyways, today, i was at home till 4 pm. then cek ejot fetched me & cek julie and we went to mid valley coz cek ejot needs to changed the faulty cd she bought. and around 7, we head home coz cek ejot needs to see her friend.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
twister@dome, mid valley!shedap shangats!

she's been seeing this guy for quite some time. dah jadi boyfriend kot. she didn't tell us anything anyway. i'm so happy for her tapi, agak jealous la.i can't understand why i'm actually reluctant to move on and meet people. pastu jealous pulak coz a friend of mine is happily seeing someone who's actually perfect for her. entah la. i'm still in an isolation mode. i befriended lotsa people but that's just it. and i whined for not having someone special in my life. duh!

i realised that i'm putting virtual barriers around me. wanting people to be around me but not close to me. adeh!


i guess that's the best word to describe my actions and explains the barriers thingy. duh!

i wanna move on. adeh! what am i suppose to do?? letih la macam ni. susah betul. nak kawan dengan orang tapi takut ini, takut itu. i'm actually pretty terrified even thinking about all those mushy wooshy relationships thingy.
where's my self-confidence?self-esteem? tada tau! gone! i just went bonkers just thinking about it.
anyways, my beloved auntie's coming home for holidays. can't wait for things i ordered from UK! muahahha... no lah! i missed her. of course i wanna see her so much(and also the gifts, of course!hikhikhik)..i might be fetching her @ klia or simply kl sentral. that would be easier eh? she said she'll be arriving on 22nd of april, around 8 in the morning. then straight to one utama coz she wanna shop. crazy, you think? me think too. huhuhu...
owh it's 2338 hours already. gotta hit the sack. i'll type again tomorrow. i'm in a stage where all i wanna do is write endlessly here.
take care guys, and have a great week ahead!
p/s : i wrongly snipped off my hair. i'll be repairing my hair this coming friday. kena pi saloon gak la nampaknya! no orked-styled hair anymore. uwaaaaaaaa.....so much for being depress eh? tot..ko nak aku potongkan rambut ko? hikhikhikhik....;)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

colourful cookin'!



miss congeniality 2 was great. even i yawned now and then, it's not that i'm bored but i was actually sleepy. selalunya time gitu dah tido. hikhikhik...i had a good laugh and sore chest. maybe dalam cinema tu sejuk sangat and i laughed hard, that might be the reason!

anyways, rumah cekya buat tahlil today. we're gonna have soto ayam, sate and trifle. hmm... bila tengok bahan-bahan yang cekya dok prepare, nampak macam traffic light pulak eh;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
strawberries on the trifle!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
potatoes for begedil!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
cili hijau & cili padi!ouch!

hehehe...my mom was shaking her head, dok pelik, apa jugak la ckeya ke sana ke mari dalam dapur. not preparing stuff for cooking tapi dok snal gambo! hahahaha...

talk about trifles, reminds me of UK so much. we used to eat trifles kat one of my senior's house.memang best and trifles dah jadi macam trademark for our family. kalau ada buat makan-makan, trifles and baked macaroni would definitely be in the list!

i'll put up the recipe tomorrow, alright? gotta go now. nak goreng begedil for the soto. nyummy! hikhikhik....

daa my darling orkeds & jasons...!wassalam.

Friday, April 01, 2005

armed & fabulous - cekya!


great day guys! al-maklumlah, hari jumaat. most of us memang tunggu hari jemahat nih. the anxiety of having fun during the weekend, i guess.

i have plans for tonite. yes, i repeat, TONITE. hikhikhik... well jarang sekali la kan cekya kuar time malam ni. i'll be heading home in a while, siap-siap and i'll be heading to sunway pyramid to watch miss congeniality with cek julie. she'll be picking me up with her new chevrolette-aveo. huhuhuu...kemain lagi kengkawan. kereta import sesaja. cekya jugak la kereta nasional...takperlah, janji boleh gerak, kalu bawak tu, kira sampai jugak la yea. hikhikhik....

hmm...i just hope that miss congeniality 2 is much more hilarious than the first one. or at least as good. and i truly hope it's worth it. banyak betul cekya pi movies this month. and there's spanglish & white noise that i wanted to watch as well. erk!

anyways, have a great weekend guys!