Tuesday, March 27, 2007

getting married?

i'm just so busy and i just don't know where to start!
adeh bertimbun-timbun stuff in my mind and due to tiredness, usually cekya balik, mandi2, 'konon' nak baring-baring, terus tido sampai pagi! eisk!
pehtu malam semalam, oleh kerana letih dan mamai, jatuh plak dalam toilet. eisk! and i got some bruises on my leg. nasib baik kepala tak terantuk kat jamban. aiseh!

but anyways, few good things happened. masyi dearest, congratulations! baby nuha would probably be showered with pink dresses and pretty dolls! hehehe...hugs and kisses to both of you!

and i bought a new camera. but ada defect pulak pada camera so i'mm just gonna drop by kat kedai tu and see what they can do about it. to me, i demand a new set! mahal tuuuu!!

redmedia ada weddings coming up this weekend so no resting lah for this weekend!
take care people, and if you can rest, enjoy it, the fullest!
love, cekya

Monday, March 19, 2007

till the day i die...


been sick. cronic gastric. bukan sebab tak makan but i had too much of acidic stuff on wednesday, resulting on a serious cramps through out thursday. i was pretty worried as redmedia has got a wedding in ampang, friday & saturday respectively. i did go to both events, but friday was like killing me. the cramps kept coming, tapi tahan ajelah. and today, makan pun macam nasik hospital. no spicy stuff. boring!

and been drinking alot of soya bean, to help reduce the acids.

heard that wtl's been sick as well. the heat is eating us alive, i presume. and some are with flu, headaches and all. *sigh*

i truly hoped the rest of blogshabats are in their pinkest of health. hehehe! pinkest lagik!

love, cekya.
p/s : the picture above taken on last saturday, the ampang wedding reception ...;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Jasmine, or its scientific name, Jasminum sambac is a species of jasmine native to southern Asia, in India, Philippines, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Common names include Arabian Jasmine, Mogra (Hindi), Kampupot, Melur (Malay and Indonesian Language), Sampaguita (Tagalog), and Mallipu (Tamil).

It is an evergreen vine or shrub reaching up to 1-3 m tall. The leaves are opposite or in whorls of three, simple (not pinnate, like most other jasmines), ovate, 4-12.5 cm long and 2-7.5 cm broad. The flowers are produced in clusters of 3-12 together, strongly scented, with a white corolla 2-3 cm diameter with 5-9 lobes. The flowers open at night, and close in the morning. The fruit is a purple-black berry 1 cm in diameter.

It is widely grown throughout the tropics as an ornamental plant for its strongly scented flowers. Numerous cultivars have been selected, including some with double flowers such as Jasminum sambac or 'Duke of Tuscany'.

It is the national flower of the Philippines, adopted by its government in 1937. In the Philippines, the flowers are gathered and strung into leis, corsages and crowns or its oils distilled and sold in stores, streets, and outside churches. The garlands may be used to welcome guests, or as an offering or adornment in religious altars.

Besides the Philippines, it is also the national flower of Indonesia, which was adopted by Indonesian government in 1990 along with Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis) and Rafflesia arnoldii. In Indonesia, the flower symbolizes purity, eternal love and nobility. It also symbolizes the beauty of a girl. The flower is commonly used in religious or cultural ceremony especially in Java and Bali. It is nicknamed puspa bangsa (nation flower or people flower) by the government.

In Hawaii, the flower is known as "pikake" or "pikaki," and is used to make fragrant leis. In South India, jasmines are strung into thick strands and worn as a hair adornment. In China, the flower is processed and used as the main ingredient in jasmine tea."

p/s : melur & melati, are they the same?

Monday, March 12, 2007

hot weekend...


hi people!! how’s the weekend? last weekend, it was all about movies. cekya tengok 2 totally different ones.

first, it was mukhsin. yerp! i’ve watched mukhsin. funny, definitely not a typical cerita budak2. it really has reflected my younger days.
ermm...no mencemar budaya scenes. all clean ones. hahahhaa...parents, bring your children to watch mukhsin. they can definitely relate. i don’t see anything wrong in exposing them with some sweet na├»ve love eh? ;)

secondly, a totally mind boggling one. belahan jiwa. ahah...sounds so lovey dovey. NOT! it’s about cempaka, who’s mentally disturbed....and there are 4 other characters, who called themselves, soulmates. memang betul2 pelik dan confuse tengok cerita nih but i manage to conclude everything when they revealed something in the end. memang best lah. tu sebab kita kena iman, kena percaya pada Allah.kalau tak, we’ll all probably be like cempaka. it was stressfull for her, i understand. but things could have been better for her kalau ada kekuatan emosi and iman yg kukuh.

how did you spent your HOT weekend?

love, cekya.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


rasa macam nak hantuk kepala kat tong gas nih, pehtu koma 6 bulan.
nak rehat. cekya penat!