Monday, May 31, 2004

.:.smelly weekend.:.

assalamualaikum fellow readers!

it’s been helluva week!hehe...after camerons,me and the family went for durian & manggis hunting trip to muar,my mak long’s place.she got so annoyed with,maybe,hundreds of durians at her house that she decided to call all of us to come by.we arrived,had some durians which my aunt has readily took out the creamy and sweet fruit from its ‘thorny attire'...hehehe

then,we decided to have a look at the orchard,which are at the back of the kampung house turned terrace..hehehe..of course,picking the durians, as well as those dark purple coloured manggis.the durians are hanging all over the tree and it was quite a scenery.

i was kinda startled when my mak long told me that these small little ones are called ‘durian pongkes’...huhuhu...fashionable name,i would say!after all the sweats picking the durians,we head home and planned for our next ‘war’-attacking those manggis..we had our lunch,a nap for me and continued eating freshly peeled durians..

at around 4pm, we head for the orchard again with this long specially modified pole that we use to pluck those sky-high manggis.the tip of the pole is being cut and stuffed with a small unripe manggis so it’ll stay opened.then, rise the ‘weapon’,make sure that the manggis is inside the tip of the pole and just give it a twist.

me and my dad got cramped muscles because we were tipping our head up to search for the manggis..and my mom-the pointer(my dad give her the nickname) coz she was like "ahh tuuu…kat atas daun tuu...".."ahh tuu…atas kepala…ahhh..tinggi lagi"...huhuhu...

we had fun,and i had my loafers torn.anyways,it was worth it!

Saturday, May 29, 2004

is there no one else!!

hi people!
everybody had plans this morning so i decided to watch ‘troy’.

oh my!didn’t even occurred to me that i might be in tears watching the epic of the legendary trojan war which was action pack,full of sword fight.indeed,i was touched by the deep affection among the royal family of they fought and stand for the love of their country with such bravery.and letting go their loved ones, hurling into war is the most hardest part of their lives,i believe..

i cried most when king of troy went down on his knees,claiming his son’s body,prince hector of troy(eric bana-goodness he’s so desirable!hehehe) for a proper funeral.he could have been killed by archilles(brad pitt-not so desirable-lah!huhuhu) but his love for his eldest son, who would have been the next on the throne, is far beyond the great greek empire..

do watch this movie.don’t just be amaze of the sword fighting and war look at it in a different way.i believe you would find values which will make you think about pride, honour and greed which are actually surrounding our daily might shed some tears as it would touch you,as ‘troy’ has touched me, deeply..

Friday, May 28, 2004

i'm back!

assalamualaikum people(who reads my blog,of course)..:)

i had fun during the trip.busy handling my nieces right from in front my house's garage till checking out from the apartment yesterday afternoon..

they were busy asking when will we be arriving,where are we heading(which was answered dearly by my aunts and mom for like zillions of times)..they are talkative,indeed and rather good at complaining as nowadays!!

we were basically resting on day one.arrived at about 2pm,we decided to rest and make ourselves comfy in the apartment.the rent for the 3-rooms apartment is quite cheap..wanna be there?leave me a message,i'll be glad to give the contact number and all..

oopss..forgot that i didn't inform where did i go eh..huhu..have a look at this pic and give it a wild guess...

yeah...i went to cameron higlands.second day,we went to the rose valley and butterfly farm.the kids were so excited seeing so many flowers(one of them called the roses-sugar is sweet,as in the rhyme-roses are red,violets are blue)and swarming butterfiles on their heads..hehehe...

i just love the comfy weather and for those of you who have heard that it's not THAT cold anymore..try staying for 2-3 nights...:)

kl was raining when we arrive home.well it does feel comfy as the weather's more or less the same..i don't need to sweat-just not yet..hehehhe..

and i have a bad headache today,because of the hot steaming weather!uhh...i just can't stand the heat anymore...someone called me 'putri lilin-wax princess'...well i can't help's so damn hot here in kl-pj...huh!

gotta go..daaa!

Monday, May 24, 2004



hola people!

my doc's not mad...he's ok about it.i didn't gain any kilos though..he just wants me to watch what i eat..

so the feeling's alrite now...huhuhu...

i just received a of my aunt would not be joining us,and my cousin & her hubby as well...

duh!so much of planning huh?it's ok for me.we can only plan.ALLAH decides everything..

so i guess i'm gonna start packing now.goodnite and wish me a relaxing and great holidays..;)


i want to but i'm worried!

it's approximately 4:41pm in kuala lumpur.the weather's cool outside.

it was drizzling during lunch hour.i'm actually having mixed feelings...

good - tonite,i'll be busy packing for the family trip tomorrow.they say,we would make our move at about the excitement is definitely there...

bad - i'll be seeing my doctor before the packing monthly checkup.'internal problems',i would say.and he might be annoyed at me for having the same or even gain weight than last month..
yeah,my weight is not ideal for my height and he's actually monitoring yours truly.i'm just so's just that i'm a person who would gain when i eat(of course,we all do)and lose nothing if i'm on's just too frustrating...!

i guess i must keep those things off my mind till i meet my doc.ughh....i just wish i have something to distract my thoughts from the appointment..:(

i'll write on the outcome tonite...insya-Allah!

new cam..;)

assalamualaikum guys!

yey!bought a new digicam yesterday...!

a cheap one but the pic's quality is kinda cost me less than rm500..3.0 mega pixel,would store up to 40 shots at a time,2 minutes video shot and i got clear pictures from this Genius Digicam.

and i also bought my niece's birthday present,3 jigsaw puzzles for the 4 years old-to-be little lady.she'd love the powerpuff girls(i took this pic with the new cam..hehe).i also bought few toiletries for the family trip tomorrow.

at about 4pm,a friend of mine called,asked me out to watch troy.we were damn disappointed when we arrived and all the ticket for the evening were sold out!and people are still lining up for the late night shows.we end up spending on other stuff-clothes,handbags..etc...hehehe

i guess that's it for now...till later...

oh yeah try the recipe below...smashing taste,i tell you!huhuhuhu....;)

Saturday, May 22, 2004

recipe time!

ello people...

i'm just gonna post a simple recipe for a friend.he might wanna try it goes..

nasi goreng ala cek ya

3 mangkuk nasi(pastikan nasi hancur dan lerai)
5 butir bawang merah
2 butir bawang putih
2 btg lada merah
2 tangkai cili merah
segenggam udang kering
2 biji telur
Garam secukup rasa

tumbuk bawang merah,bawang putih,cili merah dan udang kering sehingga lumat.

pukul telur dan bubuh sedikit garam.panaskan kuali,letak sedikit minyak dan gorengkan telur.kacau seperti membuat scramble egg.setelah masak,angkat dan letak dalam mangkuk.

panaskan minyak,dan masukkan bahan-bahan tumbuk.tumis hingga garing.kemudian,masukkan nasi dan gaul hingga sebati.pastikan api dapur sederhana besar.setelah sebati,masukkan telur yang siap digoreng tadi.

gaul kesemua hingga sebati,kemudian masukkan garam.cuba rasa dan sesuaikan dengan selera anda.

i guess that's it.if your guys wanna try it out and can't understand the language,you might wanna gimme your email add so i can email you the translated version...hehehe....

till then...bye!

p/s:to that person,happy trying..:)

a hot SHREKing saturday!

it's just so hot today.heatin' up,not only outside but even the chair i'm sitting on is so damn warm.if it's not because of the long queue,i might continue watching troy after shrek 2 this morning..

yeah,went to klcc,alone,to watch the movie.stopped by at the office to pick up my bro's cd and then,straight to tgv,klcc.

shrek 2 is the continuity of shrek whick i did not get to's a funny movie,simple story line.shrek have married princess fiona and somehow the king and queen wants to see them home.shrek was reluctant to go but was convinced by fiona and his loyal friend, off they go...the king was not so fond of shrek who's actually a monster to him.fiona couldn't care less.she loves shrek for whom and what he is and so does fiona..the story goes and...

you guys should watch's a heartwarming movie..:)

it's just that,i guess,in a real world,true love rarely can found,in dreams...or in love stories or maybe in cartoons and animations...sad,but true..!

Friday, May 21, 2004

in need!

a friend of my mind gimme a dinner treat after office.i was damn full by the end of the 'makan-makan' session.arrived home at about 9.15pm..

and as i was walking through the shops there in the mall,i told myself,i really need to have a camera and it'll be better if it's planning to take lotsa pics during the trip..

..3 options..

first, borrow from anyone.well borrowing stuff would make me think twice before asking but i did asked around though..but there's no one who has one..if they do,they can't lend it(or maybe they don't trust me)..

second, take the office's camera which will jeopardise of the staf might need to use it since i'm going on weekdays..

third, buy myself one which is so impossible..hehehe

i'm still looking for other options though..we'll see..

and i did the most clumsy thing today.because of the excitement wanting to go for my friend's treat,i left my bro's cd-buli on my office bro was sighing so hard,like everybody in the neighbourhood would hear him,when i told him so..gotta run to the office tomorrow morning to pick it up..

daa darlings...oh listening to lovefool-the number..;)


a telephone conversation between me and a customer service guy..

she : hi,i'd like to check on my payment.i have paid my bill but my line is still barred.

he : yes,sure,can i have your number?

she : 01*-*******

he : oh alright,let me check it out for you..

she : yup(as in 'yes'),thanx.

he : *giggles*,my name is fauzi...*giggles*

an we giggled throughout the conversation.yeah,i laughed too,for a clearly different reason!

duh!he thinks that i called him 'yap' WAS a morning humour,to me,as well my colleagues!hehehe...

talk about mobile phone,i got this nokia 6610 for quite a while...a year,if i'm not mistaken.u might not see the scratches on the screen but it's kinda 'damaged'.some of the buttons are irritatingly hard to punch...grrrr!well can't blame the phone.i dropped it before,a number of time actually..hehehe

i was thinking of buying a new casing for it coz buying a new phone would be a no-no.vowed to myself that not to buy another one.the last one.for good...till death do us apart..hehe

till later...daa!


it's a cool morning.bought roti telur for into the office,started all servers and did the daily backup.i was kinda early today.normal days,i won't be doing all that..hehehe..i always always came in late!

being underpaid and all...i guess it's just not worth it to come in early.duh!heheh...i have work to do...i'll write again later..:)

Thursday, May 20, 2004


..i just miss my someone so much.he's no longer with me but the pain of missing him is killing me..

azlan,i miss you so damn much..after all these years,i still do!

no title,for no reason!

i went to ampang park to settle my debts.accidently met my cousin,she's a tutor in an international university here in malaysia.part time,she's finishing her phd.transfered all her subjects here in malaysia after the 11/9 tragedy.she was in u.s for like ages!not married,she looks happy though.i suppose she doesn't need a man's grip at all...

as for me...i guess i still have man,marriage,kids,among others,in my mind.i just can't help it.i'm still at the age where my friends are busy planning for their wedding dresses,dais,reception...etc.i just feel the distance already.and i tell you,it's not favourable at all...

well most of the time,i can handle it,but we do have soft touches in our hearts right?it'll just 'knock' and slam in like nobody's business!hehe...

i've been over emotional now yeah?

i guess i wanna have my beauty sleep.damn tired.'handled' 2 of nieces after i'm back from paying the bills..i'm having cramps on my stomach.they kept jumping with joy on top of me...ughh!those little tots!

...sleep time...


alhamdulillah,i have got the approval for leave next last!

well my boss were like mumbling "it looks like i'm gonna be alone since s****a(my other colleague)will be on training..bla..bla..bla"..i can't do anything about it mista!sorry...:(

got my pay today,so i've settled all bills.gotta go and pay my credit cards bill's 4 something and it's like dreading to 5 o'clock..

till later darlings!


seandainya tidur malamku
diulit mimpi bersama denganmu
dan andainya dalam jagaku
bukannya mimpi namun realiti

kan kugubah puisi indah
seribu makna
demi kasihku padamu

aku rindu kepadamu
siang malamku
bagai tak menentu

oh Tuhanku kabulkanlah
demi bahagia
yang kudamba

..damn mean..

hi people..

i'm a little pissed right now.things are not in their right places.i'm kinda bored of the way things are.

i can't take my leave next week due for some mom's nagging me about the upcoming family trip.haven't had a second coaxing session with my boss.insya-Allah,gonna do it later,after lunch!i hope i'll get the damn leave!:(

to make things worst,i can't transfer the 50% deposit for the apartment,for the trip.i guess maybank2u isn't much of a help since i had to go to the bank to transfer the money.ergh!!!

however,this morning,i've faxed the bank-in slip to the apartment's thing least....i had to smile...heheheh

and i had a fight with wan,a friend of mine,we had something before and he's the type who couldn't care less about people around him.i didn't contact him for quite a while actually.kinda irritated by his attitude.bloody annoyed!i was not hoping for him to return my good gestures but,at it him..or it's just me?

well enuff of the pissing off parts..hehe..

gotta go guys...i'm so relieved that i have actually write what i feel now..freely!

daaa for now!

it's gone!


hello bloggers..well i had a blog has vanished.was very upset about it,considering i had other problems as well..

well i guess,all of them decided to barge in my life,at once!

i'll write more of me and what goes around..

till later...daaa!