Monday, January 29, 2007

hari-hari yang penat...


i hoped everybody's doing ok. cuaca sungguh tak stable. some of us are not in our best of health so take good care of yourselves guys! kejap panas terik menikam...and jap lagi hujan renyai-renyai yang berbahang....i can't get good sleep lately. too hot lah..naik pening kepala...le's just pray that the weather will soon be alrite again.

weekend cekya balik muar, my mak long's 75th birthday.

seronok gak. we enjoyed ourselves, especially the food. beriani gam sehhh....layan perut betul hari tu. hehehehe... marvelouss!!

cuma satu jek tak berkenan. ada la 2-3 adik beradik yg tak datang. sorang tu, siap buat bbq kat rumah. i don't know if she's actually avoiding herself and her family to come sebab ada a few family issues but pleaseeee la...your parents are not around anymore, your eldest sister is considered as your mother. why can't you be at the majlis...her birthday, for cryin' out loud!!! memang amat bongok lah!

then masa balik tu, i got a call from ira, ika & mai's dad. dia kena heart attack. at 35 years of age. adeh. satu lagi contoh heart attack yang disebabkan smoking. kesian kat dia. it happens that his family semua ada kat langkawi to attend a relatives' wedding. so semua takde. so my parents dok teman dia on sunday kat hospital. he's a bit nervous about the whole thing and he needs someone around. alhamdulillah, he reacted to the chest pain and terus gi klinik. kalau tak...i'm sure he'll be lying at home alone without anybody helping.

sunday? am suppose to go for a photoshoot outing tapi orang yang nak join tu cancel so i stayed at home. it was pretty hot to even take a nap..eisk! late at nite, gi mamam sama biahnce (oh yes, all eyes were around us! susah sehh..kuarkan dgn artis AF nih. AFUNDI biahnce!!).

i guess that's about it. how about your weekend?


Monday, January 22, 2007

busy bee!

been away from home during the weekends. kalau pun tak jauh, kat sunway jek, but i was really tired by sunday nite. zuhri pulak demam. sakit2 pun, we manage to finish the job, alhamdulillah!!
here's one of the pictures i took. really love this one. hehehe...

semalam adibah noor won the juara lagu. bestnye. i know she's super duper happy.

me, i'm gonna be busy. banyak keje but i have yet to initiate any of them. adeh. office's stuff. redmedia's stuff. i've screened the pictures took yesterday, so that's done. editing wise, pictures selection. wonder when we'll have a staff that can do editing for us. just hand them the pictures and me & zuhri can shake our legs. huhuhu....anyways, it's a fun thing to so, so i better stop complaining. hehehe!

guys, have a great week ahead! ;)

loads of love,

Thursday, January 18, 2007

la lala la la lala...


cekya rasa restless la 2-3 hari nih. banyak keje. dengan my commitment to company's family day. rasa nyesal plak agree to be a committee.
a few stuff that need attention in the office;
- some pending IT requests for equipment, services.
- materials for a few info-less sites in the company's web
- yearly updates on the company's brochure

la. 3 aje. ahah. the work's alot. maleh rasanya. and this coming weekend, Redmedia ada job kat sunway, both days. gotta study some images as the bride's a bit chubby. i need to have her look extra beautiful. bila fikir2 balik, if i were to get married, cekya tak amik gambo la kot. i look over chubby and dark in the pictures. nyampah! eisk! senyum plak kena lebar-lebar. kalau tak memang nampak garang. ceh!

oh i've got some pics for your viewing pleasure here...

the ever busy walkway @ central market. guys, you guys should visit cm. they totally changed the interior of the building. memang amazing!

cangkuk tingkap style lama, at my grandparent's place in jb.

and some ancient bulding in petaling street. took this last sunday.

oh! and i have some big plans for redmedia. big dreams. to be a one stop solution for weddings. tengok cemanalah. gotta carefully plan and design the whole thing, kan wtl?

oklah, gotta crash myself and do stuff. take care peeps!


p/s : masyi, wtl, it was a pleasure chatting with you guys last nite. talk about emmy blunt! hahaha...

Friday, January 12, 2007

alfie emran...


wow! almost everybody's excited about biahnce! hahahaha....wait till she shakes her...err...hahahhaa....

but anyway, i'm sad these few days. tapi takperla...buat dunno ajelah is the best remedy. dilayan-layan kang, makin melarat. damage is done. so when i think about it, i sleep. hehehe...tu yang badan rasa macam naik lagi la.

this morning, checked my blackberry and received an email from my auntie yang cekya visit kat uk kelmarin. baby alfie is so handsome! the below picture was taken by his mommy dearest. comel la...! rambut sikat elok, belah tepi...with his soccer t-shirt. eeeeiiiiii cekya rasa nak gigit2!!! even if we haven't got the time to play and take care of him masa kat sana...cekya bleh rindu plak. hehehe...

i'm happy that my auntie's happy. at last, she got a family of her own. once, she said that it might be impossible for her to have a hubby, let alone babies! and now, despite the small fights and arguments with her hubby, she is happy.

sometimes, we just don't know, what we're gonna have. eh?


Monday, January 08, 2007



yeah. it's been a while. i got this message from our dearest sis ;

"lunacy_ratts (1/7/2007 7:15:59 AM): cekya darling, u dah lama tak update eh? wish u happy new year and happiness sampai langit ke 7 ok?"

reason for not blogging, ada rasa kecik hati sket. meaning, not in a happy mood. so malas nak blog. things are a bit busy. redmedia offered our last special packages last month, for year 2006. so, there were queries, bookings, let alone con couples. dah confirm, alih-alih tak jadik. it was a big hit for us all. rasa down sangat. and the reason for the cancellation, although lain yang diaorang bagitahu zuhri, but i felt there were a few issues lah. nevermind.

alhamdulillah, after that incident, rezeki murah. we already have 6 bookings. and there are other potential clients as well. i hoped there will be more bookings to come. ;)

anyways, raya was fine. stayed at home. tak ke mana pun since my dad's away kat masjid, busy melapah daging korban.

and i had a quiet new year's eve. in bed. nothing much. semua orang ingat cekya kuar party. eceh. since whennnn? and the new year itself, gi tengok casino royale. best wooo! oh abang bond! wuahahahahaha....!!

anyways, 2006 has been a different year after all. me venturing into photography, taking wedding jobs, entering photo contest [and actually won!], getting to know so many people, paling ramai seumur hidup cekya. rasanya, before this, the years went by with same old friends. nothing more. nothing less. 2006 has brought me on a new stage of life.

and i've enjoyed 2006 whole-heartedly, although ada yang buat cekya sedih. tears are part of our lives la ek. tak boleh nak elak. rasa sedih, nangis. then cuba lupakan. life goes on. this might sound a little bit of a cliche but life IS like a wheel. kejap kat atas, rasa selamat, megah, happy. tapi bila dah kat bawah, penyek, terasing, sunyi, sedih.

since new year nih, cekya mulakan dengan azam baru. bersangka baik dengan orang dan cuba hindarkan perasaan atau pemikiran yang berbaur negative. letih juga lawan perasaan ni tapi cekya cuba dan cuba untuk tak fikir yang bukan-bukan. and it's tough.

apa pun, cekya wish semua selamat tahun baru, have a great year ahead coz i want a great year too.
hugs and kisses to all my sisters : biahnce[biah, kalau orang tanya, ko jawab sendiri yea...wakakakakaka!!!!] wtl, azell, kak lun, i_mshe, ligo, kak emmy...
and to the guys, hoped to lepak2 lagi dengan korang!

take care guys. wassalam!