Saturday, July 21, 2007

off i go...


hi all. it's been helluva week. i'm going bonkers. very tired till i cried. i guess the pressure's too much. i came to realise that i'm not over about the fact that i'm out of the team. it makes sadder person, i think too much, resulted that i can't take the office work's pressure. i've been staying late in the office to settle everything before i went off for the 2 weeks leave. letih betul cekya when it comes to last minute task given. things that should be decided last week, hasn't been done. bongok betul. it's tough and it's taking too much out of me.

oh well, today's saturday, i have a few chores to do, actually shopping, to be specific. need to buy some stuff for the trip. london's gonna be wet next week, says my aunt but i hope it'll not coz i shall miss the nice shots. hehehe.

i'll be staying a week in london and another in brighton. i must admit, i'm leaving malaysia with a very sad note. i almost cried hugging my colleagues yesterday, although it's just for 2 weeks! however, i hoped to get rid of what i think too much now and start fresh when i'm back.

so long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye...[cam citer sound of music plak!]

take care my dearest friends.

love you guys lots!

Monday, July 09, 2007

great weekend! how was yours?


it's been alrite. weekend was fun. saturday, had small family tahlil. pagi-pagi bangun ikut my mom gi pasar tani. got a not so good news masa kat pasar. tapi takpe, Allah Maha Kaya. ada hikmahnya! the tahlil went well. as usual, tak ramai yang datang. had good food after isya'. wished i could eat more. kepala plak sakit. with a little wheezing. asthma mai lagi daaa!

at 11pm, ira & ika came. makan sikit and off to bed. tak sabar nak tido sebab ayah cekya baru pasang aircond kat all rooms. "macam kat hotel", komen ika. haihhh...!!! budak! and ika said something that made me stunned.

"dah lama kita tak jumpa auntie sue, kan?"

yeah. the weddings and all. i had actually created a distance between me and the kids. kesian diorang. sebak gak bila ika cakap macam tu. it's just so true. all i say was, "auntie sue ada keje, ada wedding, can't see you girls, nanti jalan dengan tok aje, bila tak ada wedding, we can go out for swimming or movie..." it's not that i regret having to shoot weddings tapi...hmm...entahlah!

esoknya, bangun and gi bawak the girls swimming. rasa seronok. rasa macam dulu-dulu. i can't imagine that i actually watched, and only WATCHED them swimming and having fun for 2 solid hours. hahaha... kalau ikutkan hati, biar sampai petang pun takpe. here are some piccas;
kemain susah nak ajak balik. my dad suggested that i tie a long rope on their bodies and bila time nak balik, tarik aje! hahahha...seriously! i had to lie saying that i'm heading home, baru terkejar-kejar nak naik. haihhh!!! sampai kecut-kecut jari semua. eh i'm hantu air gak and i wouldn't wanna be out of water kalau dah nampak swimming pool. can't blame them! next time, cekya nak join jugak la walaupun pool budak-budak. hehehehe!

well. gotta go. nak join my parents tengok citer gods must be crazy. jeles pulak dengar ayah cekya gelak sakan kat depan tu.

tata my friends.

love, cekya.

Friday, July 06, 2007

bertahan lah!


i'm still recovering from asthma. ada letih lemah sket if i walked too fast or it's too cold. dada rasa bisa. takot gak kalau kena heart attack. huishhh seram gue! but i think my lungs are recovering, probably i was forcing myself to breathe and it has 'hurt' the lungs and chest.

last nite gi tengok transformers. i have never never never felt so chill in any cinemas, until last nite. nak tengok wayang pun tak comfy. and i'm not a big fan pun. saja teman 2 of my friends sebab depa suka tengok cerita-cerita cenggitu. but the graphic works. tip top lah. marvelous. impressive gila. agak ternganga gak la tengok.

at that moment, how i wished i was part of the graphic design team. seriously. it'll made me bloody proud lah! hehehe...

storyline wise, for you to decide.
tapi, the first line of the movie made me think, life ni, balanced. ada yang baik, ada yang jahat. ada yang buruk, ada yang gemok. ada yang ikhlas, ada yang pura-pura. ada give and take.

we'll just have to accept it. and make do.
have a great weekend guys!

love, cekya.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

transformed? transformers? transformation?


it was a dusty dusty weekend. some tebuk siti situ sana sini at my house. ada renovation sket. and as a result, i got the asthma attack. tried calming it down with my tablets but it's still there. lah dia kalau renovate rumah. i will surely jadik mangsa. but what to do...

and i have a news for you guys, i've ended my 'photographer life' with redmedia.

so much as i wanted to stay, i have to go. reasons. so many of them.

yeah, sedih. as photography is my passion. and taking wedding pictures makes it more wondrous. but some say that i need to improve. my wedding pictures are not so great compared to my other pictures. point noted.

makanya, cekya kena banyak lagi belajar. banyak lagi ilmu! kena banyak lagi practice shooting. as for now, cekya nak rehat dulu. lepak. tenangkan fikiran as these stuff are really mind-boggling and i'm emotionally exhausted. i guess, ni ujian paling berat yang cekya terima. cekya kena banyak sabar dan tak mau mengarok. no point la kan nak marah-marah.

to all, thanx so much for supporting me & redmedia. insya-Allah, i'll try to improve myself, and i do hoped for your prayers. as i also need to dekatkan diri pada Allah. probably cekya banyak lalai and this is the price i have to pay, and cekya redha.

so i guess that's all for now. take care peeps.