Friday, June 07, 2013

tanpa cintamu.


it's been 2 postings form my blackberry. ok la. cuma no formatting were allowed. just plain text.

a bit busy 2-3 hari ni. finishing a photography job, preparing quotations, photoshoot for YEMIRA's stuff. and i got bad headache, still do, coz the panadols didn't work this time. tatau la apsal.

but i love it. being busy. keeps me off bad thoughts. alhamdulillah. here are some photos. enjoy!

Kadok, Ceri, Rissa & Adam on their Outdoor Photoshoot. :)

One of YEMIRA's KimonoCardigan. Cute eh?
till next posting!

love, cekya.

p/s :  i'm still thinking of plots for my online story. ilham, datanglah!

Sunday, June 02, 2013


was cleaning the room when i found this picture.
how i miss her. so much. :(
she left me a day after my 22nd birthday.
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Saturday, June 01, 2013

saturday & weddings!


It's gonna be a day full of weddings!
And I'm on the way to Tangkak to start the wedding 'marathon'!
And later in Felda's Merak Kayangan.

Have a great weekend sayangs!

Love, Cekya
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